Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shasta's first baby!

Cute little Shasta's face, looking at her new little baby boy.

Shasta finally had her baby last week...three days earlier than our neighbor said she would...but hey, that's not to bad in the guessing department! I have to say I'm impressed, and I think he may actually know what he is talking about when it comes to when cows are due to calve! LOL

Course, who knows maybe it was a fluke...but I'll give him the win none the less. In fact, I made him a berry cobbler as a reward, because he had gotten in on one I made a while back for us and kept talking about how good it I had to get some extra berries the last time we went shopping, so I could make him one. He has helped us out with milking a few times when DH had to leave early that between that and guessing pretty right on when Shasta would calve, he deserved his own berry cobbler...although he had to share with his family and another Amish neighbor got some of it too I hear. LOL

Shasta's first's a boy!

Anyway, Shasta had a little boy for her first time as a mother. I was kinda hoping for a girl, but we can't go wrong with boys either, since we like to eat them. Seeing this one, I'm kinda glad he's a boy...cause his father must have been Trinity, with how dark he is...and he wasn't the best it's good it's a boy we can turn into a steer and eat, not a girl we would have wanted to sell for a milk cow.

Three generations...Daisy my birthday cow (purple halter)...with her daughter Shasta, and Shasta's new baby boy!

All the "girls" seemed to be giving Shasta pointers when she had her baby, cause they were all gathered around her DH said. In fact, one day the weather turned cold again, before Shasta had her calf, and everyone was laying around Shasta, like they were keeping her warm, with Pearl standing over everyone. It's so sweet, seeing how all the cows take care of each other and each others babies...even if some of them don't want to share their milk with the others, they don't mind keeping each others babies in line and safe, not to mention each other if the need arises.

The temps have been up and down...we've had some really nice days, then a day or two of cold...then really nice temps again. Yesterday was pretty nice, till evening, when it started cooling off. This morning there was another couple inches of snow on the ground again. It's suppose to get warmer in the next day or two again though, so thankfully the snow shouldn't last long. It's kinda funny how it seems that every other Sunday is really cold and maybe even snowy...which seems to turn out to be "church" day for our Amish neighbors, so they have to get out in the buggies and travel to which ever person's house church is that week. I think they are wishing it would fall on their off weekend...not church weekend! LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share the photos I had hubby get for me of the new calf.  I would have taken them, but didn't want to put my boots on and get out in the he did it for me with my camera.  That should be the last calves this year for us.  We haven't got our bull back from the neighbor's yet, and probably won't till summer cause then we can maybe have the next round of calves in the spring, instead of in the middle of winter.  LOL  I think a couple other neighbor's want to borrow him...which should work out just fine, since we'd like to breed ours in the middle of summer not to much earlier.

Getting the timing down better for having calves is important...especially since I don't want to have to beg cream from the neighbors for Thanksgiving dinner again this year!  *giggle*

Least we should have PLENTY of meat for our freezer (and my parents freezer) in a couple years after having 4 boys this round (even if one will be our breeding bull for a few years)!  Who knows, if we don't want to take our extra ones through another winter, we could even sell one of the steers when they get a little older...but will keep him for OUR freezer, unless we just can't afford to feed him...least that's my thoughts for now.  LOL  God has sure blessed us this year with our farm babies!!!

Ok, I better get off here.  Have a good rest of the weekend...and stay warm if it still seems to be winter where you are!

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