Friday, March 21, 2014

Just when I thought I was going to make it...

The purse that Kathy made for Deb several years ago is still in pretty good shape except for one of the zippers won’t work so Kathy made her another one.

...through the winter season without getting sick, a bad cold hit me. Ugg...I so HATE being sick! LOL

And when it's a head cold that takes me down, even if I don't feel horrible, I have a problem, cause I'm a snot factory (Sorry, I know...TMI!!) and I have to blow my nose ever other second almost, or I'm dripping everywhere.

 The first day I didn't feel so bad, except for the drippy nose and a bit of sinus pressure...but the 2nd and 3rd days weren't so fun, not only did I have breathing difficulty and the snot factory problem, but my face and head hurt and I don't deal with pain well. Poor hubby hates it when I get sick, cause in this relationship, I'm the one who is the big baby when sick, not him. *giggle*

Needless to say this week hasn't been MY week...while I may not be the healthiest person on the planet, and fight being tired a lot, at least I'm able to do SOMETHING around the house, like cooking and cleaning here and there, but this week not much has gotten done. I did finally make butter and load the dishwasher today...and will make an easy supper...but so much else needs done it's sad. LOL

 Least I am finally on the mend, and maybe will be able to start sleeping a little better again. I've also been (mostly) able to breath and been able to part with my box of Puffs tissue's for short periods of I'm happy about THAT!!

I will just try to be thankful that even though I didn't fight off all the germs that came my way this winter, I only went under the once...cause last winter I was sick at LEAST three times, which was unusual for me, and I hope it stays unusual. I prefer to be able to say I didn't get sick at all over the winter...but once is better than three times! LOL

The purse that Kathy made for Deb several years ago is still in pretty good shape except for one of the zippers won’t work so Kathy made her another one.

Anyway, I stole these two photos from my Dad's smugmug, since I haven't used my camera in the past few days...and didn't want to take the time to now, since he had perfectly good photos I could use on HIS site. *giggle* This is my new purse. I LOVE a big purse, cause then I have room to stick my big camera down in it, if I don't want to carry my camera bag...and hate buying purses anymore, cause I'm kinda picky.

Ok, I'm REALLY picky! Hush, those of you who know me! *giggle*

Anyway, I really like a denim purse, especially blue since the last purse my Mom made me was dying...the purse was actually ok, but the zipper was dying on it (and actually totally died just before Mom got this one done)...I bought some denim for a new one.  I loved my last one so much, with all the pockets on the front, that Mom made this one pretty much like it, only added some extra fancy embroidery designs to it.

Dad had to help me get the zipper pulls on it, cause my fingers weren't working that day...they don't usually work with small things like that...but it's all snazzy now, with pretty zipper pulls and embroidery all over it!

I'm loving it!!!  It's a pain to make I guess...least up by the handles, but I'm thrilled that Mom managed to get it figured out and I have a pretty new purse to haul around all the junk I like to haul around when I go somewhere.  It's so much nicer than the cheap junk I would buy in the store's I usually shop at, and lasts so much better too!

Thanks so much Mom (and Dad)!!  I LOVE it!

Now I better get off here.  Suppertime is coming up soon, and I need to make sure I have everything upstairs that I need to make it.  Hopefully I'll finish my "recovery" this weekend, so I can actually do some work next week!  LOL  My brother wanted some of my cinnamon rolls this week, but with not feeling well I had to put him off...maybe I can manage them next week, between some other baking I need to do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  :-))

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