Monday, March 24, 2014

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making homemade vanilla extract

A year or two before we moved to Missouri, I made my first homemade Vanilla Extract out of Vanilla Beans and Vodka. I read about doing it here...although there are LOTS Of places to tell you how online.

After giving my Mom some, and using lots over the last few years, I finally started my 2nd batch a month or so ago.  It has to sit and "brew" a while, so I wanted to get some started, even though I still have a quart jar of my first extract left. (The jar on the right is the old...the new is in the half gallon jar on the left.)

It's sitting in my dark pantry, working and I'm sure it will be ready by the time I need it, once I've finished the last of that first batch.

I'm not real fond of a strong vanilla taste, but do use vanilla in a lot of my baking...It's good in small quantities...although DH would LOVE to have more of it in some things, cause he likes the vanilla flavor.  LOL

The beans may not be real cheap to buy....but neither is the "real" vanilla extract, and I never wanted to get the imitation stuff.  Least it lasts a LONG time...and I do like the satisfaction of making my own.

Try just might find out you prefer it over what you buy too!!  :-))

In other news...I'm feeling so much better this week, than I did last!  So glad to be pretty much over the cold, with just an occasional runny or stuffy nose to remind me of it.  Least I'm able to work in the kitchen again, without having to stop every little bit!  We will see if I can get my gumption together enough to make my brother those cinnamon rolls he requested.

Oh yeah...and those nice warm temps we had last week...not so warm now.  We had snow flurries again today, thankfully it didn't really amount to much.  Just irritating, when it's SUPPOSE to be spring!  LOL  Least it's not May, I'd be really upset to get snow in May two years in a row!  ;-))

Now...get off your computer and try making your own vanilla extract, if you haven't already!  I've gotta get off here, it's past my bedtime!  LOL

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