Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Showers...

Some old peacock feathers from my Dad's birds.

Nothing major going on here at this hillbilly farm...just enjoying seeing the green popping out all over!! Today is a rainy day here with several of those April showers they talk about that are suppose to bring May flowers!

We haven't done anything news worthy around here...or maybe it's just that I've lost my blogging edge, I don't know. Course, I also haven't taken to many photos either which sometimes helps me actually blog about something, even if it's boring. In fact, these peacock feathers are the only thing I've snapped a photo of in the last week or more. *sigh* Yep...really need to get motivated a little better than I have been, cause I always got such enjoyment out of taking photos. Oh well...guess if I'm happy it doesn't matter so much what I do to get that way, just that I am huh. :-))

The willow trees are finally starting to get leaves here, which always seem to be about the first, so the rest of the trees should be following in their footsteps soon hopefully. It's actually been almost hot the last few days, although is suppose to cool back off for this next week.

The biggest thing that's happened around here is we finally got our new water heater installed. (I know...big deal huh! *giggle*)

I could tell it was dying last summer, least that's what I figured was going on with it. wasn't a huge surprise when the wood furnace went out one night this winter and we didn't have any hot water the next morning. I knew exactly what had happened, and thankfully had a little money saved towards getting a new one. Sadly, with the extra pipes hooking it up to the wood furnace, so the furnace could heat our water when it was on, we had to pay someone else to come install it. Yikes...that wasn't cheep...but they hooked it up so that next time hopefully it won't be quite as hard to get it switched. Whoever installed the furnace and water heater in this house sure had it set up strangely...making it harder for just anyone to work on it.

Least we finally got it installed yesterday, so now we don't HAVE to keep the wood furnace running. Depending on the direction of the wind, we were having trouble having the windows of the house opened, cause I didn't want the smoke of the furnace coming inside (since smoke bothers my nose to much) and with spring here it's NICE having the windows open.

Other than's pretty much been the same old thing around here, Galen keeps busy outside or with the neighbors, and I keep busy with whatever I am doing inside...butter, ghee, cheese, cooking, cleaning or if I'd ever get around to it (which I haven't much), playing in my soap room.  As usual, there's so much to do...and so little time.  Time flies by, the week is over before I know it, and another started.  Who knew I'd ever get to where I didn't think about blogging for over a week...*sigh*  Guess thats probably a good thing, since I don't seem to have any interesting stories to tell lately.  LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying spring...or fall for those friends of mine who live "down under" as they say here.  I myself am really enjoying the change in color...the brown's turning to greens are so soothing on my eyes!  :-))

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