Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Cream Line

Usually we only have a couple inches of cream on a gallon of milk which is still good to my way of thinking...but this one really out did it's self!!  Loving how much cream we are getting lately, I'm trying to get our ghee supply stocked up, then I'll start working on extra butter in the freezer for the down time we'll have before the next round of calves start coming...not to mention stocking up on frozen sour cream and cream cheese.

I've been pretty happy with the cream line we've been having on each gallon of milk lately. We have one of the calves wearing a weaning ring right now, so only one cow is giving us ALL her cream...but the cream line has still gotten bigger since she stopped holding it back for her calf.

Usually it's only a couple inches, which is still good for us anyway, but this one gallon this morning had to show off...so I thought I'd show it off to you! *giggle*

Needless to say...I'm making butter pretty much every day these days!  Yippee!!

Just wait till we have ALL the calves weaned...we'll really have milk and cream coming out our ears then!!

Sure loving the bounty, God has given to us so far in the milk and cream department this year!!!  ;-))

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