Friday, April 25, 2014

Love this time of year!

Hubby brought me in some of our it when he finds me flowers and surprises me with them.  I found these on my desk, when I got up the other morning.  It's flower season around here now!!  Yippee!!

When I got up a couple mornings ago, I found these flowers on my desk. Hubby had gone out and picked some for me for a sweet surprise. Love it when he picks me flowers, he IS a sweetie!!

The daffodils we planted up against the west side of our house, haven't done well this year...but we still have some out by the rail fence!! Hopefully they don't give up on us, cause I do love my daffies...probably cause I'm a bit daffy! *giggle*

Sure wish I had a green thumb instead of a black one, then the darn flowers would stop dying off on me!!  *roll eyes*

Loving seeing the pink dotted around the farm thing you know the trees will actually be turning green!  Some of the small ones in the orchard have started.

We also see lots of "pink" spots when we are looking out into the timber on our 20 acres...which is so cool! Love the red bud trees that grow wild here in Missouri! There weren't near as many of them in Nebraska. I'd sure like to get one planted in our yard I had one closer. Maybe one of these years we can. LOL

 Least we have quite a few of the pretty red buds on our land! Next thing we know, the trees will be turning that the pink has shown up! I know some of the trees in the orchard are getting leaves...but mostly in the timber they haven't yet, but it won't be long before they will!

Love it when my world turns green.  It's one of my favorite times of the year...with Fall a close 2nd...until Fall gets here, then I sometimes think that spring is a close 2nd to fall.  *giggle*  Guess that tells you how close my love for those two seasons are.  ;-))

Hope everyone is enjoying the season YOU are in!

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