Saturday, April 26, 2014


Not sure if the birds are building nests in our new bird house or not...we HAVE seen some martins around, just not seen them flying in and out of the house yet so still waiting to see if we have them nesting here this year!

When I took this photo a day or two ago, we didn't know if the birds were moving in or not, cause while we had seen some, we hadn't seen them flying in with nesting materials.  However today, DH did finally see some flying in with grass or something so we think at least some of the apartments will have birds living in them this year!!!  Loving my new bird house!

I was thinking about going to KC today, since hubby had to take some Amish friends down there, so I could see our niece and sister-in-law.  However, my niece decided she needed a break from the rat race she's been running and from the city, so she came up to us this weekend. It's been so good to enjoy the day with her...and she cooked supper for the most part, so I didn't have to!  Gotta LOVE that!  LOL

 Her Mom is not doing well which in turn is making our niece a bit upset (naturally) so hopefully a day or two in the country with her Auntie (and Uncle) will help her deal with the stress better and give her the break she needed.

Her Mom just went into a nursing home...which is why she was able to get away as she was caring for her at home till she went into the hospital again. However with the health problems our niece has (bad other things), it's almost impossible for her to care for her Mom now that she's gotten so she can't walk.

The end is near for Kathie, our sister-in-law.  She has gone down hill fast, which I'm not really surprised at, cause I figured she had had ALS for a while now...just hadn't had it diagnosed, since she hadn't been to a doctor.  She is on hospice now...and while they haven't given a time frame, Abbie, our niece said they are saying it will be "quick" now.

Abbie is just hoping her Mom lives till the first of May at Abbie's birthday (which is the 30th of April) isn't ruined.  I'm hoping she lasts through next week, cause we have a LOT going on around here next week (two barn raising's for our Amish neighbors and a trip to KC with my parents).  But...God will have it happen, in HIS time.

Course, who knows...maybe she will surprise everyone and hold on for a while longer!  It's happened before, I've heard.  I just know she is having trouble breathing at times and if that goes...she will.  :(

Enough of the bad news...our niece is here so I'm going to go enjoy her company!

I'm just so glad we are close enough to be here for her, in this sad time in her life.  While I know an Auntie's love can never take the place of a Mamma's, and I'd never DREAM of trying, I do hope I can help her through the pain and stress of loosing her Mom at least a little.  I LOVE being an Aunt...since I wasn't blessed enough to be a Mom!  Love all our nieces and nephews...but the few who keep in touch are in my heart the most!!

Prayers for strength for our niece...and mercy for her Mom...would sure be appreciated. God's WILL be done!  :-))

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