Saturday, May 31, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Yummy!  Angle food cake, with strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries!

Wow...over three weeks since I posted...time just flew this month! We have had a lot of changes at our house too, which accounts for time getting away from me.'s strawberry season now!!!! Yippee, may be busy the next couple weeks playing with strawberries, least till the money I saved for strawberry season runs out! LOL Trying strawberries on Anglefood cake with a strawberry glaze (above)...there is shortcake and coffee cake, not to mention making fruit leather, jam and syrup! Lots to do, and little time to do it in, it seems!

After our sister-in-laws funeral, our niece came home with us for a few days to relax at our farm...out of the noisy city. She enjoyed the peacefullness while she got through the first few days of missing her Mom. Then...after she left, I ended up getting sick! IN MAY! Thats just NOT right! LOL I've been fighting that ever since...although the worst of it was over after a few days. The cough held on though...not to mention the stuffy nose. *sigh* It's slowly getting better now...I think. *roll eyes*

I celebrated my 44th birthday...and had a good day with my wonderful hubby and family in there somewhere...

...then we found out our niece's fiance lost his job and found another one but he had to go to school for three weeks for it, so we offered our guest room to them while they are getting back on their had to rush around getting things moved, so they had a little more room...and getting her moved in. She had a friend help with the move, so her friend and her two kids were here for a week once we got the move over with, and between all that and me still not feeling real great, I didn't find time to even WANT to post here! LOL

Hopefully things will get back to normal now (or a new normal since we will have someone else living here now for at little while) and I can get back to posting a little more, but...since it seems I post less and less instead of more, I wouldn't hold my breath! LOL

Gotta get off here and make lunch...strawberries being a part of it I think!  LOL  Have a great weekend!  :-))

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