Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Loveing the spring grass!!

Pearl and Daisy, enjoying the fresh spring grass!

Our cows and Pearl (the horse) are sure loving the green grass! Hubby let them out on the east pasture yesterday, and a little later in the morning, I saw Pearl just running around in wide circles enjoying being back in THAT pasture. Course, by the time I was able to get outside, with my camera she had decided to settle down and eat, instead of running. I was hoping to get a running photo, cause she's so pretty when she runs...but guess that's for another time. LOL

It's so nice to have warmer temps!  It's a beautiful day today, although a bit windy.  The trees are starting to green up, the birds are singing...and I've seen humming birds looking for their food in the feeder.  Will have to try and get some into it soon.  We are ALL enjoying the spring weather here on hillbilly hill farm!  :-))

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