Monday, May 05, 2014

Barn Raisings

Galen went to a barn raising (actually two of them last week...this was the first one).  He had a LOT of fun!  I took this photo from up by our garden...not as close as I'd have LIKED to be, but since the Amish don't like their photo taken, I couldn't go take photos on site.

Last week, hubby went and helped our Amish friends/neighbors with a couple barn raising's. The first one was just over the hill from us, so I was able to go stand in our garden, and get a photo of the men getting the roof on.

 I'd LOVED to have gotten a bunch of photos AT the barn raising itself of course...but do like to abide by the Amish wishes of no photos as much as possible. I figured this would be ok, since you couldn't see anyone's face well enough to know who they were.

Hubby had a LOT of fun with his Amish friends, and enjoyed fried chicken, mashed potatoes and lots of other sides and deserts for Lunch.  I didn't go to either of them, being the shy person that I am, there were just to many people there for my comfort...but it would have been interesting I'm sure.  I'm glad hubby was able to go...he came home with lots of stories to tell, and hasn't stopped talking about all the fun he had.  LOL

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