Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kraut Pounder

I finally used the Kraut Pounder my Dad made me last worked WONDERFULLY!!  So much better than the meat tenderizer I tried using last year for lack of anything else to use...the cabbage got a LOT more jucy with this kraut pounder, and I didn't dent my metal bowl with the corner of the metal meat tenderizer.  LOL  LOVE IT!!

I finally got to use the Kraut Pounder this week, that my Dad made me last fall!! It worked wonderfully well! The cabbage juiced up a LOT more than any of the other cabbage I've used for sauerkraut has when I made it before, using a meat tenderizer to beat it. The metal meat tenderizer made a little juice...but not much, it was however good at denting my metal bowl...which this new wooden kraut pounder didn't do so I'm happy with it for that reason too!

It's so much easier to use...and also helped me pack the cabbage into jars, cause one end fits in my wide mouth jars (the other will fit in a narrow mouth...although I don't usually use the narrow mouth jars for this) and I can push down on the cabbage and fit a LOT of it in to a quart jar.

If you make sauerkraut or anything like that and have ever wondered if a Kraut Pounder is worth getting...let me just say, after using mine....YES!!!  It really does help!  :-))

Thank you for making it for me Daddy!!!  ;-))

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