Monday, July 07, 2014

A good weekend!

A cat my Dad gave us enjoying the beautiful day!

We had a good 4th of July weekend here on our hillbilly farm. We had some lazy times, and not so lazy times but all in all, it was fun!

The 4th saw us helping get some of Dad's Hay picked up out of his field, before rain came. It wasn't to hard, since it was only part of the field. With us all getting older, I think Dad is planning on doing small bits at a time, so it's not so hard to get done and into the barn. When we do a whole field at once it's a pain to get it all in the barn in one day.

That evening (of the 4th) Mom and Dad came over to our house for an evening of food and fun. We had supper together, then played games, then went out and sat in our front yard watching the neighbor's and people in the nearest town shot off their fireworks. It was actually a decent show, between the fireworks and the cats! LOL We have a kitten that was enjoying playing while we watched and the older cats hung around too...till it got dark enough and the fireworks started anyway.

Gotta love living on top of a we have a decent view to watch fireworks from! ;-))

It was an enjoyable evening and nice to spend time with my parents. We don't seem to do enough of that, even though we now live close to them. We keep busy and time runs away from us all I think! LOL

Abbie and I made some egg rolls to put in the freezer, instead of buying already made ones for a change.  It was so much nicer making these with help...I can do them by myself, but this is one of those times I'd rather have someone distracting me from the boring task of rolling them...not to mention helping to fry them.

Last week, before Abbie went to visit other family, we made some egg rolls. I've made them by myself before, but it was sure nicer having help this time. They were good too! We froze most of them though, to be eaten over the next month or so with stir fry.

I like cooking by myself, some today I am trying a new supper dish, guess I was in the mood to cook since I was here by myself without distractions...but some things is just more fun to do with company around to distract you from the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again. LOL

I do tend to get more "creative" when I'm alone in the house...which could be why I've not really been in the mood to "cook" or try new things lately...with Abbie being around...however since she is still gone I took advantage of my "wanting" to cook by opening pintrest and choosing a new dish to try.  LOL  Love having company...but also love my alone time!

I really need to make cheese...I've not been making it much lately, and GOT to get back to it.  Was going to this morning, but once I got some things done and had time to I wasn't really in the mood too.  *sigh*  LOL

I did however get a batch of my Grandma's Lime pickles started!  Dad planted a bunch of cucumbers this year and they are just starting to produce.  They are really GOOD this year too...nice and crisp and juicy!  Loving eating them raw...and will enjoy getting some canned up too.  I'm planning on making several batches of lime pickles...then making some more dill relish...then...we will see what we do.  I have a feeling, if they produce well, Dad will have them coming out his ears, with the number of plants he said he planted...but that just means we can eat bunches of them raw too, which will be wonderful!  I do LOVE cucumbers!

Before we know it the tomatoes will be starting...can't wait for them either and am hoping we can come up with a bunch of them too!  I'm almost out of salsa, so really need to be making a bunch of that this year...we may have to buy some tomatoes from someone else though for some of that, depending on what Mom and Dad's do.

Nothing major going on here, just the usual stuff...including making butter several times a week, for the freezer, daily use and my Mom when she needs more.  Love having that butter coming in, even if I don't always want to take the time to get it made.  LOL  Least I'll have it this winter, if the cows dry up, although I still have a ways to go to have enough for that.  :-))

Anyway, hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!  Better get off here and finish supper!  ;-))

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