Thursday, July 17, 2014

Belle turned 1 today!

Belle getting her
Peaches and Belle getting Belle's birthday cake!

Today, our sweet little singing troublemaker (Belle) turned one! She has sure added fun to this house...more trouble than we have had in some area's with our fur babies, but lots of love too which makes up for the trouble. LOL

She loves to play, sometimes it seems she is non stop playing...if she can't get someone to play with her, she finds something to play with. I see her tossing her toy's up in the air, flinging them around a lot and running to get them again. It's so cute, seeing her play by herself.

Belle eating her birthday cake!
Belle eating her Birthday cake. She sure looks like Autumn in this photo since her ears are back.

DH had to run to town today, so he went to the bakery and asked if they had a couple small cupcakes that weren't frosted so we could give our fur babies a special treat since it was Belle's very first birthday. (Peaches 4th is coming up at the end of the month...hard to believe we've had that special little sweetheart for almost 4 years already!)  They enjoyed their cake and it vanished quickly.

Belle has been entertaining us lately by singing.  We started watching Star Trek Deep Space 9 on netflix and when the intro music comes on, she will sometimes sing for us.  Even going so far as to throwing her head back and howling at times.  It's only during one spot in the music...and not near as long as I'd like it to be, but it's so FUNNY!!  LOL

I actually got her to sing with a youtube video I watched this morning, but didn't think to have my phone ready to capture it on video (since I didn't know she was going to do it) was longer that time, and would have been great to have a record of it.  LOL  I did get a decent one of her singing to the deep space 9 theme music...just haven't gotten it off my phone yet.  If I ever do, maybe I'll upload it and share it on here.  Anyway, she has sure been entertaining us with her singing lately.  She talks to us a lot too, when she wants something, not by barking, but with her strange little talking howl that she has.  It's priceless!

All in all, it's been wonderful having Belle in our's always an adventure when you have fur babies!

Happy Birthday Sweet little Belle!!  :-))

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  1. Hi, Girly! What a hoot! Nothing like pups that know how to entertain themselves. Carlie is forever throwing pieces of her kibble up in the air and tossing it everywhere. When she's tired of playing, she just chomps it down. lol


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