Saturday, August 02, 2014

Canning Season is well under way!

We've done a BUNCH of canning the last few days...this is only PART of what we got canned up!

The first couple days this week wasn't to bad in the busy department...but then we got hit with lots to can, and we've been busy, busy, busy!!

We've canned 101 quarts of potatoes for Mom and I, 40 quarts of green beans (for our niece Abbie...cause DH and I can't stand the things...but since she loves them and I'm trying to teach her to can too, they got canned this week also) 48 pints of peaches and a few of the left over pickle relish we did last week. Today we are finishing up putting the last of the green beans through the canner...and doing a few more potatoes for Abbie. The photo is only part of what we canned. :-))

Praising God for the bounty we were blessed with this week!!  Love canning season, although this week was kinda brutal...I was tired but so far so good on my foot pain not flaring up so I'm extremely thankful to not be fighting that while getting the canning done.

Gotta get off here...just thought I'd do a quick update, since it's been awhile!  LOL  Life is Good...and we are blessed...and have a good start on our winter's food supply already!  :-))


  1. Looking wonderful! I'm getting into the green beans myself, today. I've got about 16 more half-pints of white grape jelly before we'll have a total of 4+ cases. Those 3 vines did a really great job this year for us. We only got 5 or 6 half-pints last year! lol Here's an exercise for your foot... -> Sit down and draw the ABC's with your toes. Another is to sit down and grab a kitchen towel with your toes, like you're trying to gather it up to make a ruffle.

    1. Thanks Teresa! I've done some exercise...and while they helped, they didn't stop the pain. Not sure what did, but I know I started using my herbal salve on my feet every day a week or two before I noticed they weren't hurting as not sure if that helped, or what. LOL Sounds like you got a real good amount of grapes of of three vines, if you got that much jelly out of it! :-))

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!! I just trimmed and blanched and cut and mini cobbed 100+ ears of corn yesterday but this beautiful photo of yours. Wow .. I want to be that accomplished for my family. I am still learning the ins and outs of canning. Tried peaches 2 years ago. Disaster. Blackberry jam I was successful with and will be doing that again this year. Getting a bit braver and adding blue berries to the mix and going to also try sweet pickles. What a wonderful "harvest" you have going there. :)


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