Sunday, August 24, 2014

Exciting Times!

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We've been canning up a storm here, but we've also been planning a wedding!!! Our niece is getting married, and since she is living here for now, I'm getting in on the fun!

I never thought I'd be in on planning a wedding this much since we weren't blessed with kids, but since Abbie lost her Mom this summer and is living here, I get to enjoy the fun planning and shopping trips her Mom should have been in on. She told me earlier today she didn't think she could have gotten married this fall, without our emotional support, because she misses her Mom and couldn't do the shopping trips by herself since that's something a mother and daughter usually does together. I totally understand that, cause it was fun shopping with my Mom when we did MY wedding shopping all those years ago.

I do feel for her though...cause I know I can never "replace" her Mom, and I'd never try to. Hopefully I can help ease her through this sad yet happy time though!

Abbie is just having a small wedding, but we found the venue for it and it's beautiful! If all goes well, it will be an outside wedding, with the reception inside. If it's bad weather then, we can have the wedding right there where the reception will be...but we both are hoping for good weather, and hoping the fall color is popping really GOOD when the wedding date gets here in October!

With canning still in full swing...and the wedding to plan for, needless to say we are BUSY!  Money is tight for everyone, so we are trying to do this in a frugal manner too...but yet still give her as many nice memories as possible.  My hubby (who's Mom used to own a he's had experience with making wedding cakes) will be in charge of the cake decorating.  It's been a few years since he's done that kind of thing will need to do some practicing before he starts on the cake.  LOL  However, that will save some money, AND give her a nicer, larger cake for the money which is great.

I'm going to be the official photographer (poor girl!  LOL) so hopefully I can manage to get a few nice photos for her.  I'm so out of practice we will see.  I warned her she may not get anything GOOD...but she is ok with that, so I'll just do my best.  It's not like when our other niece got married...I wasn't going to deal with her Mother so I said I wasn't going to be the "official" photographer.'s more fun that way for ME.  LOL  However...I know there is no money for a different photographer, so I will pray that God guides my hand and lets them turn out.  If it's nice weather so we can have the wedding outside, there will be a better chance that they WILL turn out, as my outside photos are usually better than the inside photos.  :-))

So anyway, cake is figured out...photographer is chosen *roll eyes*...venue is reserved...and invites are printed.  A little bit of shopping has been done...but still have lots to do as soon as we have the money together.  More plans will be made over the next little over a month, and cake and mints will be made in my humble kitchen.

Exciting times are certainly here!  Now you know what's been keeping me busy...not much extra computer time for me.  LOL  We will see if I can update at all before the wedding date gets here.  And yes...I realize I always have an excuse for not blogging lately!  *snicker*


  1. Congratulations to your niece on her upcoming happiness. She is very blessed to have you in her life indeed. ;)

  2. Ooooooo! How exciting!!! been so long since I've had time to read blogs! This is Wonderful news!!! Congratulations all around! Will write as soon as I can, would love to get caught up :) .


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