Sunday, October 05, 2014

Small break...

Kainsley sure is growing up!  She is walking now...even on my table!  LOL

We took a small break from wedding chores (and boy are there still LOTS of THEM to do!) for a small family get together. My parents and niece and family came over for lunch today. I haven't seen my great niece since she started walking but she sure is doing a great job of that now! LOL She even managed to walk around on top of my dinning room table after lunch for a little bit.

Right after I snapped the above photo she got the cutest grin on her face...naturally AFTER I took the photo. I didn't have the camera ready to capture it either (of course). She is adorable...and full of energy and I bet she's a handful! Not seeing her very much I don't really know what she is like, but she acts like she would be. :-))

It was good to take a break from worrying about getting things done for the wedding...but now we have to get back to it, along with more tomato's to process tomorrow...I'm thankful for the tomato's, but sure wouldn't have minded a break for this week...but then I wouldn't have more for my winter's food supply, so I guess I'll take them while I can.  I am however letting a neighbor have most of our milk and cream this I don't have butter I have to stop and do!  She is grateful, as am I!  :-))

The neighbor lady is canning some of the milk she is getting this week...and told me how, so guess what!  After the wedding, I'll have to do a little of that and see how it is, so I have some for cooking with, when the cows dry up.  LOVE learning about canning new things!  :-))

Gotta run!  Abbie's wedding is in less than a week now...and there is still SO MUCH to do!  :(

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