Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sanity is overrated

A beautiful morning!

I caught another beautiful sunrise a couple weeks ago...just didn't get it off my camera for the longest time with everything going on. It was nice to see it when I did though...a calm breath of fresh air in the middle of working on getting everything done for the wedding.

We had a huge problem with the cake...almost a disaster, but thankfully we got it fixed by ordering one last minute...thank God for being able to, even though I REALLY didn't want to spend that money on THAT! Seriously...hopefully that's the WORST disaster, and everything else goes smoothly...or least only little things going wrong if something has to! LOL That was NOT a good day...when we discovered the cake was not happening.

Life was kinda insane THAT day...

Only two more days...and it will be over! Can't wait!! LOL Then...our 23rd anniversary is the day after the wedding, so maybe we can enjoy the day together...or crash, I'm not sure which.  LOL  I'll probably be canning more tomatoes on it will be a short crash if we do...but that's ok I guess. Life doesn't wait for recovery usually...and tomato's need canned when we have them, so we do what we have to do so we have food for the winter. :-))

Needless to say...I'm so tired...and tomorrow promises to be a LONG day...not to mention Saturday.  So...I took a little time to relax this afternoon, before the REAL insanity begins!  It was NICE!  LOL

Fall color is WAY behind this year.  There are a few trees changing...but not lots.  So sad we won't have lots of good color for wedding photos...but least most of the trees aren't hopefully they will still turn out long as my camera cooperates, and I don't turn into a complete idiot with it!  LOL

Enjoying the sane moments in our insane life...

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