Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slowing down finally!

I revised this photo because Abbie wanted me to.  Not saying WHAT I did to it...but this is for you Sweetie!

Just wanted to quickly share my favorite photo so far that I took at the wedding this last weekend. We are slowing down here a little bit...least I've actually been able to relax a little...but still haven't gotten all the photos ready for smugmug. Will be doing that slowly over the next week or so.

Canning is mostly done for the year now though...and while I LOVE to can, I'm rather grateful for THAT being done with again! It was a little much, mixed in with getting ready for the wedding. ;-))

It's laundry day today, so I need to get back to that...just wanted to share the photo and say I survived the wedding...although I HURT by the time we got home cause I was on my feet almost ALL day.  I MUST be getting old.  LOL  It was kinda fun thankful the cake disaster was the worst disaster...and the day went well!

Praise God for my parents though...they helped a LOT at the wedding, with the food and clean up. WAY more than they had to, to say the least, since they aren't even related to our niece since she is from hubbies side!

I am so blessed with my hubby AND my parents!  :-D

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