Friday, October 17, 2014

Our "Amish" LGD

After Emery, our neighbor gave James and Abbie a buggy ride, he put his hat on Yani.  She makes such a cute Amish!  LOL

DH set it up, so that one of our Amish neighbor's would come over with his two seater buggy, and give Abbie and James a buggy ride the day before their wedding. After they returned, he let us get some photos of them in the buggy and by the horse. While I was out there with my camera he bent down to look at Yani's sore foot, and put his hat on her head...I couldn't resist getting a photo of her looking like an Amish dog! LOL

Even our animals are going "amish"...just goes to show what wonderful neighbors our Amish neighbors are...if our ANIMALS are wanting to convert!  *giggle*

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