Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy Beavers....

An arm full of Love!  Galen holding our two fur babies, Belle and Peaches.
Hubby and our fur babies almost a year ago.

I'm going to stop saying that things are slowing down around soon as I think it will, and I'll have more time to do fun things (like blog or play in the soap room...or cook new things, not to mention reading) things happen and time gets away from me sometimes I'm lucky to get the basic's done around here that need done. So much for learning new things or relaxing more! *sigh*

Lately, I've been trying to spend at least one afternoon a week with my sister-in-law, who has major health problems (going blind AND can't walk to well). I've helped out a little around the house, as well as sit and talk with her so she has a little company. We've never been real close, but she IS family and as such deserves to be cared for since she is struggling. It really has been nice to get out and see her more...who knows, maybe this can bring us closer?!

On top of that, I've been trying to pack up our office, so we move it downstairs, and move the freezers/fridge's that are down there up to the porch where the office has been. We never have gotten around to getting that back porch built, where I was hoping to put the freezers, and have no idea when or IF that will this is the next best thing, and will kill three birds, with one stone.

First, it will put the office on the same level of our bedroom/bathroom, so we don't have to do stairs, to get to our office if we are in the bedroom or outside. More on why this is important in a little bit. Second, it will put the freezers on the same level (for the most part) as our kitchen...REALLY important to ME, cause my knees are protesting going up and down so much! The 3rd reason this is hopefully a good thing, is so then once we can put a door in between the dinning room and porch, we can keep the house warmer/cooler depending on the time of the year. The porch lets in lots of heat in the summer, with all the windows...and lots of cold in the winter, cause it's not got the heat in the floor out there...or any other way to heat it. So...all in all, hopefully this will be a GOOD move for us! LOL

Why do we want the office on the same floor as our bedroom?

Cause, that way, since it's a walk out basement, and is the ONLY door we have that doesn't have steps up to it, DH can stop having to many steps to do, when he wants to take a break and check his e-mail while relaxing in his comfy office chair...and more importantly, the office is down there where he will have to stay for a week or two after he has his knee replacement surgery early next month. I have my tablet I can use upstairs, so hopefully won't miss having the office up here to much...and if I do need my computer upstairs, I can always carry it up in the morning when I come up to start my day since I have a laptop. :-))

So...some of our wonderful Amish neighbors will be coming over next week, to help with the "move"...and I'm trying to get things packed up in between everything else we have going on around here as well as a few added trips over to my sister-in-laws as we try to get some things done with her.

While things are changing around here, one thing that HASN'T changed, is we STILL haven't really slowed down all that much! Go figure! LOL

There has been some blessings come out of the last few weeks, even if we did find out that hubby was going to have to have knee replacement surgery. Once again, we've seen how blessed we are with the neighbors we've got here, Now that we are racing against time trying to get ready for me to take over the chores that have to be done, DH has had help from one of the neighbor kids with a few things outside, mainly getting the wood stacked up closer and now today with changing out a door we've been putting off but that HAD to be done, since it was hard to open and close and would be getting used way more once DH has his surgery.

Also, the guys at the Amish saw mill close to us asked hubby if he wanted them to put some scrap wood blocks on a pallet as they get it, cause it's smaller and "would be easier for me to handle".  How SWEET is THAT!  That's the same men who will be coming over and helping with the office/freezer move.  Truly wonderful neighbors!  I have no doubt, if I need anything while DH is laid up, all I have to do is go ask, and they will be here to help.  Now THAT'S what I call being neighborly!  I've never been THAT comfortable asking for help from neighbors before, but I am with those we have now, because they have proven themselves as true neighbors.  Talk about being blessed!  We ARE!!!

We are in the process of drying the last two remaining cows who are still in milk up...because that's one thing I don't want to have to do.  One of the cows is NOT real happy with anyone but hubby milking her, even our Amish neighbor had trouble the last time he had to, so it will just be best if they are dry during the next few months.  I'm just hoping they are actually pregnant so they will be back in milk come summer, when I will need to be stocking up on butter again.  LOL

We actually have one cow sold, to a neighbor (once she gets the money to buy her)...Daisy, the cow I got for my birthday a few years ago.  She is getting older, and since we probably don't really need 4 cows to milk, decided she was the one who should go.  Besides, we let her go cheap, as she IS older, and has a few bag issues, so the neighbor lady could afford her, and couldn't one of the others.  I hated to part with my cow...but yet realize keeping the younger ones is a smarter idea!  LOL

Needless to say...we've been busy lately, even though we SHOULD have been in the slower season.  We had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving, with my parents and hubbies friend from Nebraska.  It was probably one of my favorites since we moved for some reason!  We had some good laughs, as we all remembered the funny things we have all done over the years.

I hope all of you who are still "following" my blog are doing well and had a great holiday too!  It's hard to believe that a new year is almost upon us already!  If I don't get back to will at least now know why!  LOL

Oh one last the "other news" department, our niece Abbie, has moved her stuff into a storage garage, and will be spending more time with her husband out on the road, with time spent here from time to time.  So...we have our house back for the most part now, yet can look forward to visits here and there.  As much as I love our niece, it IS still nice to have the alone time we were used to also.

Before I go, I would like to ask for prayers for my wonderful hubby...that his surgery will be a huge success, and his recovery quick!  Thanks so much (in advance) for your thoughts and prayers!

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