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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goodbye Daisy

We sold my favorite cow to our neighbor lady.  She was wanting a cow, and I knew she couldn't afford much...also thought Galen wanted to thin out our herd, and with Daisy being the oldest, figured she had to be the one to go.  So... I gave the lady a good deal on her, since I knew she couldn't afford much.  Least she is close, so we can still see her!  (She had a baby girl a few months after we sold her...so the lady got a two for one deal!!  I was hoping it would be a girl.)

After last year, when we had at least three cows in milk at the same time, I knew my hubby wasn't really wanting to HAVE to milk so many...so I started thinking we needed to cut down on how many we had (we had 4 that were of the age to be able to give us babies).   He agreed...so since my cow Daisy was the oldest one we had, we figured we'd get rid of her if we ever got around to selling one.

It kept getting put off...cause after all she was my FAVORITE cow...and I guess I just wasn't quite ready to let her go.  Then, I think it was November or December of last year, our neighbor lady was over, and we were talking about cows...and she mentioned she wanted to get one...but didn't know how she could for a while.  Knowing how strapped for cash she was (being a single Mom with 3 kids still at home) I mentioned we could give her a good price for an older cow with a few issues, but nothing that should be a major problem...she would make a great starter cow at the very least.

Since she did have a bag issue from being bit from her last calf...and since she has to be at LEAST 10 years old, I figured we could sell her for cheaper than most are going for on craigslist (it's hard to find one for less than 2000 on there now, YIKES!).  Since we've gotten several calves from Daisy, I figured we got our money out of her...and could help out our neighbor lady in the process.    I might have asked for more, had we sold her on Craigslist, after all she was pregnant...so it was a two for one deal, but this way she would be close so I could still see her.  So we all agreed on a LOW price and that we could take it in a couple payments, since she didn't have that much at the time.

Our neighbor finished paying for her in February...and when the weather was good...and hubby had the time, he loaded Daisy up to take her down to her new home...just down the road, where we could also visit if we wanted to.  I was still sorry to see her go...even though I'd had time to become used to the idea, but I was happy she would be close.  But...least we were down to three cows, instead of 4!

We have answered questions from time to time...and when Daisy dropped her calf, we went down to help get her back into the barn...and check on her.  She was doing fine...and she had a little girl!  So, now the neighbor lady has a backup for when Daisy gets to old to have calves...which is what I was hoping would happen.

Gotta love it when things turn out like you hoped they would...especially when you are trying to help someone out!  God is Good!!!

So...that makes two baby girls out of the cows we own or at least owned at the time they were bred, this year!  What will the other ones have...if they EVER get around to having one this year!  LOL  That is the question...we will just have to wait and see!!!  ;-))

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  1. Oh I am so thrilled to see a post from you again. I so remember Daisy and used to laugh at some of the things she did. Thank you so much for posting. I love, love, love to read about your life.


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