Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Challenge layout, and a wedding one.

I managed to get a layout done for Tina Williams challenge on her blog. I was suppose to do a layout about one of my strengths, and let me tell you, thinking of one was kinda hard! LOL I finally settled on this one about how I have always (knock on wood!) managed to get our bills paid every month, before we got any spending money, even when it means there is no spending money for either of us. I know some people think you have to have some "mad money" every month, but to my way of thinking, our bills come first, then IF we have any left, we may get some. I know a few people who are always having problems paying their bills, because they go spend their money on things they want first. I try to keep my word, and part of that to me, is paying my bills, after all, you used that electricty, or bought that house...or whatever it is you have a bill for, so you should have to pay for it. Granted sometimes, things do happen, that could prevent it. Illness, or loss of your job, or things like that. But all in all, if you can pay your bills, by not running to wally so much, then I think that you should! Sorry I didn't mean to get on my soapbox, I just get tired of listening to this person I know, talk about how they can't pay for this or that, yet in the next breath she is saying what she went and bought.

So thats what made me think of using this as one of my strengths, because ever since DH and I got married, I have taken over the money (well hmmm that sounds bad, DH WANTED me to take it over! LOL), and have manage to keep our bills paid, even though sometimes there is nothing left over aftwards. Mad money isn't something we get much of, but I guess that makes it special when we do!! Kit Credit: Fairy Mist by Tina Williams The letter F I pulled from Helens Roses and Lace by Blushbutter I really am not all that good at using alpha's! LOL I don't know what it is, I have some I love, but can't figure out how to use them in a layout, and have them look good. We were suppose to use an alpha....hopefully by using one letter of an alpha, it will be ok! LOL (not sure it would really count, but hmmm we will see!) Its not my best effort for a challenge, but its all I could think of.

This next layout is the announcements that showed up in the papers, after we got married. I tried to leave them big enough, so when I print it out, they will still be readable...don't know if I did, but anyway thats why they are so big. I used Heathers Purple Rose kit by Blushbutter, and one of Lara Payton's new Bundled Dandies. I just love them!!! They are just a cluster of elements, that she put together, but they are really cool! I'm not as good at making clusters I don't think, but the elements she used in each of them (the kit comes with 5 different ones) are just wonderful!! I fell in love with this one the most, and knew I had to use it somewhere in my wedding album!

Well once again, it looks like my fingers did a little to much talking. One of these days maybe I can make shorter posts, instead of letting so many of my pet peeves out! LOL Don't hold your breath though!!


  1. Oh, wonderful layout! I can relate to much of what you said...bills and such...we are the same way! I too struggled with this challenge...it pushed me to think and learn about myself.

  2. I agree with paying the bills first. I couldn't sleep a night if we spent more than we could afford. I used to work in a bank, and was continually amazed by what some considered as essential and to me was a luxury!

    Great layout - I haven't done so personal a one yet!

    Newspaper cutting one great too - another idea I must try! - So far only scrapped photos.


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