Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally a little warmer day.

We finally have temps just above freezing here today, its been a little while, and to long of a cold spell this winter! I've been busy today, managed to slip in a layout, but not as pleased with it, as my last one! LOL Oh well, I had to have a page where I could journal, and that's what I got, so it will work. This is the same cat, only sitting inside on my desk. She is our wanna be house cat, cause we just couldn't keep her out, so we gave up!

Kit Credit: Gentle by Blushbutter

Journaling for layout:

This is the first cat, we have let come inside. We
tried to keep her out, for a while, but finally gave
up. She is my favorite cat, and the ONLY one
we would allow to keep coming in, least of
those we have now. The others will stay out, or
find a new home! LOL

She hasn't quite gotten used to the dogs, they
still chase her when they get the chance, which
is whenever she is down on the floor, when they
are around. In this photo, she is sitting on my
desk, watching the dogs, making sure they
aren't going to come get her…so she is our
wanna be house cat, I guess. 12-14-07

I'm beginning to think that our running around isn't going to slow down anytime soon. We have appointments for the next couple weeks, the VA and several different places...and I'm ready to stay home already! LOL And to think we used to be gone all the time with our business...this is nothing like that, but its still to much when I'm wanting to just stay home in my wonderful home in the country, and enjoy the piece and quiet of a cold winter day. I guess there are weeks like this, that you have to run more, but it sure would be nice if they would space themselves out...especially as then we wouldn't spend as much on Gas, in one month!! LOL Thankfully we won't have extra we have had to buy this next month, food and household supply wise, or the higher utility bills, so that will start helping us every month! BTW in case you are wondering these visits to the VA have nothing to do with his blood sugar, that's doing better, still not down to where it SHOULD have been all along, but we will get there eventually!

Yesterday morning when we got up, to go to Omaha to the VA, it was 6 BELOW 0 F.!!! Not my idea of a good day to get out! LOL Thankfully it wasn't as windy as it had been the day before, so least the wind chill wasn't to much worse. Even though I find it hard to handle the heat of summer, I'm so ready for Spring, with the warmer temps, and the Green!!! LOL We have had such a LONG cold spell, and snow on the ground for so long, that I can't wait to have it warm up some, and start turning green! It would be nice if it would at least be above freezing for a while...melt some of this snow and ice on our driveway, and make it so when we have to go back to Omaha this next week, we don't have to get out in below 0 temps. Least the heater in the truck works good!! :)

When we got back from Omaha yesterday, we got the mail, and there was a letter in it. No return address, but it was to my DH, telling him they bought him a magazine subscription. Being the scrounger that he is, he is always thrilled to get something he can use, and he likes this magazine, so is happy. The funny part about it is, the guy said he found out we call our farm Hillbilly Hills Farm...well I had to laugh, cause we haven't named our farm, but I do LOVE that name!! We actually have thought about calling it Doxieland, or Doxie acres, and if we weren't such lovers of Doxie's and wanted to name our farm, we would HAVE to go with hillbilly acres or something like that, cause we both fell in love with that name. Granted the person that told this guy that name, probably said it as a put down, cause DH scrounges things to build his outbuildings, so they don't look as nice and new looking as other people have to have, but that's ok, I don't mind being a hillbilly...I LOVE the hills! They really are beautiful, especially in the spring and summer when they are green, full of new life, and dancing baby goats! Since God has blessed us, and allowed us to live in the hill country, being a "hillbilly" is just fine with me.

Speaking of DH, he had to chase down a chicken the other day in a snow shower, and wrote about it on his blog, I know some of you like farm stories, so feel free to visit his blog and read the chicken chase story here if you want!

I better get some other things done now, Have a great weekend!! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, and through e-mails!!

Y'all come back now y'hear? *giggle*


  1. darn it silly blogger lost my reply!
    here I go again :S

    beautiful page Deb, love it, left a comment on DH's blog to.

    I love this page as much as Barn cat!

  2. it worked that time I was expecting it to lose it again :)

    love your clustering under the notes and the frame looks spectacular! great page Deb!


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