Saturday, January 19, 2008


What a week this has been. We have worried together, stood our ground together, worked together, played together, lived, loved and laughed together, and come out here at the end of it, happy, on the road to lower blood sugar, remembering the good times, trying to forget the bad, and thankful for the sense of humor God blessed us with, especially my DH! DH really should write a book, he is so good at remembering things, and laughing over and over again, at the silly funny things he has heard or seen, and making me laugh too, even if its something silly I did. (And boy are there a lot of those!! LOL) He brought up my silly "ghost" story again yesterday, and we had a good laugh about it, along with several other things, but it sure feels good to have that side splitting laugh together, even if some of it is at my own expense.

We have had a busy week, I about froze the past couple days, up and outside early (for me), in what has to be two of the coldest days so far this month. I don't know how it worked out that I had to be outside, when it was so cold, but I lived, and am really thankful to be inside where its warm again! LOL Especially since it got below 0 F. last night! Thankfully our plans for today, don't involve being outside so much! LOL

Even with all that has been going on this week, DH was good and took his blood sugar everyday like he was suppose to, and almost everyday it has gone down!! It was up almost to 300 a week ago, and this morning it was 150, and although 120 is his goal, and he hasn't reached it yet, with it just being one week I think he has done remarkably well. Maybe, just maybe his A1C will be down quite a bit the next time he goes and gets it checked. I praise God for this blessing!

I am also once again pausing to praise God for those memories I hold dear of my beloved Uncle Orison. He died 14 years ago but will remain alive forever in my heart. I have lost several loved ones over the years, but I think since Orison was so young, and we were close, his loss is one I feel the most, even now these many years later. Thankfully most of the time the memories bring a smile these days, not the tears, but the missing him feeling doesn't leave. I still wonder what he would think of this or that, and I know he would still love seeing his "kitten" as he called my niece. He would be so very proud of her and she would know it, just like I knew he loved me, and was proud of me. He was one of the few people in my life, who I knew loved me unconditionally, no matter what, we could disagree, or even fight...which isn't something we did much....but yet there was NEVER a doubt that he would be there for me. I knew, that no matter what, I could call him up, and ask for help, or cry on his shoulder, and I also knew I would never be made to feel less of a person, because I made a mistake. How often does that happen? I have been extra lucky to have several people in my life, who I knew I could ALWAYS count on, which is a wonderful blessing from God. Most people I've noticed can't be counted on, when the chips are down, so to have several of them that you can, is wonderful.

One of these days, I'm going to have to work on a book of my memories of Uncle Orison. I wrote some of them down, in a "story" shortly after he died, and put a few photo's with them, but I need to redo them, as they aren't on the computer, or in layout form, just plain white paper, with photo's and words. One of these days, maybe I'll get around to it, but for now, I just do one now and then. This layout of his 47 Chevy (journaling below), is just a quick simple one I did, but I wanted to do a quick layout, since I haven't gotten much done this last week, and figured doing one with him would be good for today. I used my latest kit, because the memories of him, ARE some of my most precious.

Kit Credit: Precious Memories by Doxie Designs. The photo is actually a Polaroid picture, so no the kit didn't have a Polaroid frame in it, sorry! LOL I kept the frame on the picture, because it has Orison's handwriting on it.

Journaling on layout:

One of the things I remember about
Orison, was his 47 Chevy Truck.
He drove it to Minnesota in the
winter, and used it to cart around his
mowers and tools he used for his
odd jobs in the summer.

He had restored it, and gave it a nice
pretty blue paint job. I enjoyed
riding in it with him, even though he
kept the floorboards full of tools, so
I had to step on them, to get in and
out. It wasn't a fast truck, but it
got us where we wanted to go, and
every time I see one, in photo's or
real life I think of Orison.

I'm really hoping to get back to scrapping a little more this next week, I have to do some planning for that extra project I was going to work on, and get started on it, and I would like to get last years pictures finished so I need to work on them too. I also need to start working on a new kit, with everything that has been going on, I haven't even managed to think about that yet. Good thing I don't HAVE to put out a certain amount! LOL That's the good thing about having your own store, it lets you do things at your own pace, and if something comes up, you can take a break. Course I never planned on doing lots anyway, so I guess that's ok.

Thanks so much for the e-mails and comments, I have gotten behind on answering e-mails, but I'll try to catch up later today, or tomorrow! Take Care, have a great weekend, and for those of you, who are in this Arctic freeze we have going on here, try to stay warm!!

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  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Glad Galen's blood sugar is getting better.
    It doesn't seem possible that it has been so long since Orison died. I know we all miss him, and quite often wonder what he would be doing, since there are digital camera's now, if he had lived. I know he would have liked your LO's and Kits. Maybe he would have done digital scrap booking too, or just had you do it?



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