Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I had so much fun!!

*giggle* Yes I know these two layouts are kinda showing our odd sense of humor, but I had so much fun doing them!! I love how I could drape my arm over the frame like that, and I think I managed to kinda make the layouts look hillbillyish, even though I don't have a "hillbilly" kit. DH thought of the title, which I thought was perfect!!! Cause I really do think our farm is wonderful, who cares if its hillbilly heaven or not! *giggle*

Kit Credit: Country Kits kit and Gentle both by Blushbutter


After receiving several things in the
mail addressed to Hillbilly Hills, and
then buying a new couch, and putting
our old one on the front porch
until someone came and picked it up,
I just had to do these two layouts.
I used a photo of me that was taken
the summer before we got married
(as a joke) and a photo of DH sitting
on the couch on the front porch,
before it got picked up.

Neither of us mind being thought
of as hillbillies, and think its rather
funny, and a good laugh is always
good, so I wanted to make sure
we remembered this!

We took the photo's of my DH on Sat, before someone picked the couch up on Sunday, I'm sure glad we did, cause these were to much fun, to miss the chance to do them!! I'm so glad we recieved the mail addressed to Hillbilly Hills, because it inspired me to do these! "Thanks!" to the one who started that mail coming to our house!!! You have given us some laughs, and I do LOVE a good laugh! (There is a little bit about our reciving this mail in this post here, if your interested.)

No baby goats yet, she will probably wait till in the middle of a winter storm! LOL Thats usually the way it goes. DH did take some of our extra hay to the auction this morning, so he can get a little extra money, to go to some auctions with. He loves his auctions...course I kinda like them to, now and then. Hopefully he can get a nice amount for the hay, and find some really good deals on things he is wanting at the ones he wants to go to in the next couple months.

Well nothing major going on here, so I better get off the computer and do a few things around the house. Have a great day!!! Don't forget to laugh, its good for you! LOL


  1. Hi and thanks for dropping by my blog. I still subscribe to the Blush/Dusty group, but can never keep up.

    What an hilarious LO, just perfect, and shows what a sense of fun you both have.

    Take care and hugs

  2. Wonderful LOs Deb. I like you you draped yourself over the frame and that heart in the background. Great job combining Blush's kits.


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