Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunar Eclipse and the Blood Moon

Well I did a two page layout this morning, I couldn't believe it! LOL I'm cured!!! *giggle* Ok, probably not, but it felt good to get two pages done for a change....even though I kept them simple. I wanted them simple, so the photo's were the focus, not the elements. Course I'm sure there are much better photo's out there of it, but since I just have a point and shoot camera, and have not taken many night photo's, I thought they turned out better than I figured I would get. I have to say, it was interesting watching the moon, and seeing it turn the orangish red instead of totally disappearing.

Kit Credit: Digital Essential Frames PK by Blushbutter and Blissful Happiness by Manu

I really LOVE those stamp frames from Blushbutters frame pack, they really worked well with these photo's. The colors in the kit I used did pretty good with the colors in the moon to, so over all I'm fairly happy with these layouts! I really wanted to keep up this year with my photo's, so figured I better get these done.

Our goat FINALLY had her babies!!!!!!! Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the night, and one didn't make it (seems to be the story of our life! LOL) but we have a little girl who did. She is adorable, and has really LONG ears. I got a few photo's of her, when DH brought her in to show me early this morning. The dogs were going crazy, and just HAD to sniff her all over too. I'm so glad she was a girl, there is a good possibility that she is from our Billy that died, so at least we may have one we can keep, from him. I'll have to try to do a layout of her, in the next few days. Maybe tomorrow if it warms up nicely, we can let her and her Mom out, for a little while, and I can get some more photos!!

Well I better go get some more things done around the house, did a little this morning, but actually felt in the mood to scrap, and that went well, so I kinda left some of my chores undone, so I could get these two pages done. Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    You got some great shots of the eclipse... I didn't get very good ones this time, but got some nice ones back in '04. :D (Paper scrapped those...)



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