Saturday, March 01, 2008

March's Layout Challenge on Blush ~n~ Dusty's Yahoo Group

Well with March here, and spring just around the corner (I hope!) I thought I would have this months theme be what you like the most about spring. I KNOW there are quite a few of you who are soooooo ready for spring, I know I am, even though with it comes the mud, especially after having so much snow. So come join us on the Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo group, and show us what you like the most about spring!! You can get the mini kit from Lara Payton FREE, by using the coupon code, that you can get in the group.

This layout uses that free mini kit, and I showed some of my favorite things from spring in it. The baby goats dancing around the pasture, the song of the frogs in the creek, everything turning green and the beautiful flowers.

Kit Credit: Flora Fun by Lara Payton Alpha pack 1 by Blushbutter

I think this spring, we are destined to not have those adorable baby goats dancing around the pasture. We lost the one that survived yesterday, last night. DH came in this morning and told me it looked like Mom crushed it. She was in a separate pen, and had plenty of room, but still had to lay down on it. I don't know if this was her first time having babies or not, because we just bought her last year, but I had really hoped that she would be able to raise that one up....I guess we aren't meant to have a reminder of Billy.

I have this problem with the tail's of the black and tan doxie's we have I think. I remember when we were traveling a lot with our business, I was holding the one we had at that time and had to get something out of the middle console in the truck, and didn't realize that his tail was hanging down so it was in it. I shut it when I got done, and got his tail, the poor thing. After that, he could be sleeping in my arms, but if anyone opened the console, his tail would tuck up against him, it was actually pretty funny. Anyway, last night Autumn came up and wanted one of the mint treats I keep in my desk drawer for them so I got the package out of the drawer and had it in my hand, with her standing on my lap with her nose as close to the bag as it could be. I reached down to shut the middle drawer of my desk...which has to be open just a tad bit, to open the side drawers...and all of a sudden, Autumn yipped, and jumped up into my arms. I had to laugh, cause it was funny how she did it, but the poor thing had her tail in the drawer, and when I shut it, it got pinched! I think our dogs, especially if they are black, should really watch their tails, when they are around me!!! *giggle*
Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, so I thought I would show the card I made him, and wish him a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!! I hope you have a great day!!!

The photo's on the card, are ones Dad took. I thought the fact that he caught the kid, leaping off the Donkey was cute.

Kit Credit: Junk Drawer by Shadow Scraps

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. Love how you used this picture that Dad took. the cut out of the donkey and kids head sure made it nice. It is such a cute picture and you made it even more so. It made a real nice birthday card for him.



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