Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Day!!

Well I managed a layout today, don't know how! LOL This one is for Kali's Mom and a short letter she wrote her, to go in the first part of the book. Its private, so I won't be sharing the journaling.

Kit Credit: No Shrinking Violet by Idgie's Heartsong

I also got the photo's of Kali, scanned out of my older albums, so now just have to organize them and figure out what I have room to use. Then, maybe I can get down to actually scrapping more!!!!

Yesterday, I was up to my knees in Lace. *giggle* Ok not really, but I was working on some lace extractions for my newest kit, and I couldn't stop cause it was so pretty. It was behaving itself and extracting pretty well....or maybe I was just in the right mood to do it, I don't know. Anyway, I can't wait to get back to work on that kit, I think if it keeps going as well as it has been, that it could be one of my favorites. Course its got purple and green in it, which are two colors I love (duh! LOL) so that could be why. Anyway, hopefully I can do some more on it, in the next few days.

Its been sooooo nice here the past couple of days too! No need for a coat or anything. No frogs singing in the creek there were last year at this time, but last year we had warm temps to early and the fruit trees froze, so we don't need that again this year! I did manage to get a few photo's of the baby goats, but haven't managed to get them off the camera yet, so don't know if they turned out. We still have way to much mud out there, so I didn't go out and spend a long time with them. Maybe one of these days it will be warm AND dry, so I can.

The neighbor came over and helped spread out the big pile of rock, that was left in front of the barn, so now at least we can get into it again. We are so blessed with some of our neighbors!! Also the company we got the gravel from called and told us we could take some money off the bill...not enough to get another truck load, which we could still use, but hey, it still helps, and makes me less mad, that they left a big pile. Last time it didn't get spread out like it should, the other company we had used that time, didn't bother trying to make it right.

Sunday when I talked to my Mom, I found out a cousin died, (Everett) he had cancer. He actually was an umm.... 2nd or 3rd cousin I think. I helped him build a fish cleaning house in Minnesota one summer, when I was visiting my grandparents, when I was young. I enjoyed visiting him and his wife that summer, and even though we didn't stay that close, I have enjoyed the good memories I have of that summer once again, after hearing he was gone.

Well all in all, I have had a good week so far, I hope all of you have! Enjoy the warmth, if you are Lucky enough to have it, and have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for your comments.


  1. this page is gorgeous Deb, so beautiful including a letter form her Mum to her, great idea!
    I'm so glad you got some money refunded for the hopeless mess they left you, and praise God that your neighbours came to help you and Galen :)

  2. Your book for your niece is coming along so beautifully! Each page has turned out wonderful. I love the idea of a private letter from Mother to Daughter as one of the pages. That was a fantastic idea!

    I think it's a nice testament to your cousin that you have such fond memories of your time with him. I'm sorry that he passed, but it sounds like he'll always be warmly remembered.

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