Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Finally the QP's for the exchange on Blush ~n~ Dusty

I finally got the qp's done for the exchange...just a week before a new one starts. I've been planning on doing them, just hadn't gotten around to it before now. LOL If you are a member of the Blush ~n~ Dusty yahoo group and make a least one qp out of this kit by Blushbutter, and send it to our hostess, you will get all the other qp's that people make, including these too...for this month, I think this puts us up to 20 so far. That's a nice album all ready for your pictures!!

Its raining today...probably not getting lots, but just enough to get wet if your outside. Least its rain, and not snow!! Our grass is loving the extra moisture though, its greening up nicely...not growing lots yet, but that's ok. I enjoyed listening to the rain hit the window during the night...not as good as listening to it on a metal roof, like I grew up doing, but it can still be soothing.

We have used our hand milker several times now...finally today we tried a little bigger part on it, and it worked a little better, but I've not been as happy with it, as I had hoped to be...but maybe now that we changed a part of it, we can get the hang of it and it will work better. If not, we will have to return it, and I'll be stuck milking by hand, which isn't a good thing. LOL One of our goats managed to have it milk her out mostly this morning, so that's a first and gives me hope.

The dogs cornered the cat in DH's office last night. The cat likes to go in there an eat the dogs food, if they aren't around...they must have heard her, cause while we were watching stargate last night, they went tearing off of DH's lap and stood in his office barking their silly heads off. DH went in there to see what was going on, and quiet them down so we could hear the tv, and got a couple of pictures of the cat sitting ON the container he has the food in, with the dogs barking at her. I haven't scrapped them yet...but if you want to see the pictures you can do so here on his blog. The dogs didn't want her eating their food I guess, I thought it was funny she was on top of the food bucket though! LOL

Well I have some things to do, gotta shopping list to make since DH has a VA appointment tomorrow, and dishes to put away...and other indoor things so I better get going. I hope you all are having a good week!! Thanks for the comments.

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