Friday, April 04, 2008


Yesterday was such a dreary day, and for some reason I was longing for some warm cheerful sunshine. The week seemed to have been more dreary than I wanted I think, and while things got done, it seemed to take forever and not leave much time for anything else. Today however the sun is shining, its 55 degrees out, which is warm enough to not need a coat, since there isn't any wind, its really a beautiful day out side! I was out earlier, we even managed to figure out where to put our cloths line...that I MAY finally get this month. I would have tried to talk him into getting the poles in today, except he had to go somewhere this afternoon. Oh well, for sure this month, if all goes well!!

I started this layout last night, after supper and stargate, because I all of a sudden got an idea for it. Its the page that goes opposite the one I did yesterday, so I wanted it the same....but different, you know same colors and all, but a different layout. So since I actually got an idea for it, instead of just having to come play around with things, I worked on it and got it almost finished last night. That made me happy, cause I had more time today for other things, yet got my two layouts for Kali's book done this week...even if that's all I manage, I can be happy about that. Anyway, this is my niece, with her Dad (my brother). I cut the quilling corner that I used in my last layout up, for this layout, so I didn't have to have it on a corner. I thought it worked pretty good, and love the flowers around the photo's too. Of course I used the ferns yet again....can you tell I love those ferns! LOL I've used them in 3 out of the 4 layouts I've done with this kit so far. Wonder how many more I could use them in! *giggle*

Kit Credit: Easter Basket by Blushbutter

We got our hand milker today, so I can stop having to milk the goats by hand fully, which will hopefully make my hands ache less!! I've noticed my left hand doesn't do near as good a job of getting the milk out as my right...but that's probably just because I am right handed. I can't wait to see how the milker works, and how the goats like it over me doing it all. Hopefully it will help DH be able to manage it, at least some of the time, by himself. Annie, the goat that is my favorite to milk, is also the hardest to get up on the stand, so she can eat, and I can milk. The other goat will jump right up and get to eating, but Annie has to be lifted up. We can't figure out what her problem is, and why she just won't remember how to jump up there on her own. LOL I guess she can't be easy all the way around, has to be stubborn about something, since she isn't so bad trying to get her to stand for milking.

Anyway, I have some things to do, so better get off here. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for your comments!! :)

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  1. Wonderful layout!... Love how you blended the background, and LOVE the ferns and flowers under the photos. Very pretty!


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