Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Milkin and Scrappin

I did the layout for Kali's Dad's letter to her to go opposite the one from her Mom. I used several photo's of her and her Dad as she was growing up, along with one that Dad took this weekend at her prom.

Kit Credit: Grandcestors by Idgie's Heartsong There is so much more in that kit I want to use, but I'm so slow lately at getting things done. LOL If I ever get back to my favorite kinda layouts....heritage....I'll be using more of this kit for sure.

I was going through this years pictures and seeing what I had and hadn't scrapped, and also looking at the layouts for this years book, and seeing what needed a layout that looked good beside it this morning. So when I saw that I would need one beside the last layout that I did of Kali's Prom Dress, I decided to use the other photo I had of her trying on her prom dress. Hopefully I'll manage to get caught up with this years photo's in the next few weeks, now that I've decided what I have left, that needs scrapped. Then I can maybe get back to last years photos...course they need organized too, so I can see what I've used, and what I haven't.

Kit Credit: Box of Quilling, Victorian Wedding kit and Good Men kit by Blushbutter.

Except for the wind, yesterday was a beautiful day. It was warm, and I've had the furnace turned off since yesterday...which is the longest so far this year!! I also had some of the windows open all night, which was got a little cool by morning, but sure was nice to be able to have that fresh air, and listen to the night sounds...which actually was mostly the wind. LOL I did shut them this morning, as I get cold when I'm not under all our blankets, but so far haven't turned on the heat...hopefully I won't have to. Today isn't suppose to be quite as warm, but its still not as bad as last week.

I'm still milking, the hand milker we got didn't work to well, so I would still have to milk at least half the milk, so it was just faster all around to send it back, and do it all myself. We are planning on trying another one, which is the one I wanted in the first place, but it was so much higher, DH convinced me to try the cheaper one. (He KNOWS I'm a cheap skate usually, so it didn't take much to convince me. LOL) However once we get the money back from that one, I guess we will have to order the other more expensive one, and pray that it works. It has good reviews, and DH can only find one person who didn't like it, so least that's something. I really hope it will pretty much milk out the goats, so there isn't more than a couple squirts left hand cramps up bad when I have to do it all...and even my right does some, just not as bad. However its nice to have the milk, so as long as I can, I will milk by hand, if that's the only way we can manage it. We still haven't managed to get enough in the freezer for a nice batch of cheese...but we are getting there.

I do have to admit, though, that I would also love to have a milk cow, cause I would love to be able to make my own butter...never been to fond of cows, cause they are so big, but having fresh butter all the time would be wonderful. Unfortunately cows are way to unless we can "scrounge" one for free I don't suppose we will be so lucky...least not for a while. A couple of milk cows, and a bull would go nicely in our back pasture...once we get the fence done, and provide us with lots of butter...prob to much. LOL I know what your thinking, the bull won't give us much milk...however he would make sure the cows could keep providing us with some by making sure they had calves now and again, so that's why I included a bull in the mix, although I don't know if I would really WANT a bull...least not if he is the least bit mean. Since DH keeps saying he has milked a cow, but not goats...maybe he could manage to milk them. I on the other hand, have never milked a I would use his excuse on them and say I can't! *giggle*

The "training" for milking is going well...least for the goats. When they get done eating and start stamping their feet, or sitting down or whatever they do, to make it impossible for me to milk them, I give them a little more feed, and hurry up and milk some more. Yep, its going good for them, not so much for me though! LOL I have no idea how people who have well behaved milk goats do it, but I sure wish I knew. I know I shouldn't let them train me, but I just can't milk them when they are sitting down, or moving around so I can't hit the opening on the bucket, so what else can I do, but dole out their food a little at a time, to try to make it last till I get done milking. It is REALLY annoying to say the least, but I can't say that I hate going out there every morning...wish it could be afternoon, instead of morning, as it would fit into my usual schedule better, but someday, I'll get a new schedule figured out. Till then, things will just not get done, if I run out of time...not that that is really anything new. *snicker* Course come winter, I'm not so sure I'll enjoy going out every morning and freezing...can't milk with gloves on, and as warm as two fingers would be on each hand, cause they are in contact with two warm teets (two fingers is all I use, as they are so small), the rest of my hand could freeze...but maybe in the winter we won't have to milk as much, cause we will be expecting babies.

Anyway, enough rambling, I need to go find lunch, and get some dishes washed...and any number of things, that probably won't all get done. LOL Have a great day everyone, and go say Hi to Blushbutter at DST, she is Queen for the day there today!!! She is also giving away some look all the way through the thread!


  1. It's true, I HAVE milked a cow before.
    I was about 8 years old and that was a LONG time ago. Besides, I get hand cramps and my thumbs are bad. I probably forgot how by now, anyway. You're doing such a great job, why change now?
    Also - I don't make a very good Milk Maid....

  2. You couldn't pay me enough to milk a cow, or a goat! *rofl* ...

    Love the layout. Her book is going to be AMAZING!

    Thanks to your suggestion about Shutterfly, I've switched to them. I had a couple albums printed for my niece and nephew, and I loved how they turned out. :) ... I already have 4 family albums that are ready to print, if only I had the money to do it. *lol*


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