Friday, April 11, 2008


This is my beautiful niece trying on her prom dress. The dress is beautiful too, and I can't wait to get some photo's of her at the prom!! I just wish I could be the one who takes some, but my Dad is suppose to be taking some for me, and I like his photo's, so I guess I will survive. LOL

Kit Credit: Box of Quilling, Victorian Wedding, Goodmen kit, pink circle frames and alpha pk 2 ALL by Blushbutter. To get the gray background, I blended two papers, one was from Victorian Wedding and one from Goodmen kit. I have always loved pink and gray...and as much as Kali would probably have liked having the layout be more pink, I don't didn't want to much pink, since the dress was all pink.

My niece has been so excited about prom, and thinks it will never get here! LOL Well tomorrow is finally the day, so I bet she is just WAY to excited right now. She wasn't thrilled about the theme...can't blame her...and I won't be looking for a kit with her theme, as it just wouldn't look good with her dress, least I don't think so. The theme for prom this year, is casino...she said that a "guy" picked it...and had a really scathing sound to her voice when she said it to! *giggle* I can't blame her, that guy sounds like he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, or at least in my opinion, I can't imagine a casino being a romantic place to be...and sure wouldn't want to go with a guy who liked to gamble. Ah well, its not my prom...course wouldn't have mattered if it was, as I never went...or even wanted to! LOL

Kali however is really excited about going, she is planning on getting her nails and hair done tomorrow before prom, and while I think she is beautiful without that, I'm sure she will be even more so!! She's growing up on me! I still find it hard to believe that in another year, she will be graduating!! Anyway, I'm sure I will be doing her prom pictures in the next week or two, if I get them!! LOL I have two pages saved in HER book for this prom, and then I will have to have at least one more of my regular sized layouts of it, for this years book for me. I was informed that I had to do them SOON, so she could see them. *giggle* Course she also informed me, that I hadn't been bloggin as much lately...I don't really have a good excuse as to why, except for the fact that I've not been scrappin as much, or on the computer as much. Sorry I've not been able to talk to you as much lately Kali!! Our timing has been off lately, I think! LOL I hope you have fun at the prom tomorrow, don't stay out TOOO late...and stay safe!!! And make sure your Grandpa gets me a bunch of pictures...both With your BF and without!!!

Ok, I better stop rambling and get off here, hopefully we don't get much snow, they don't think we will, but further west in NE, they have a bunch...I'm sure thankful we don't live out there!! LOL Next week however is suppose to be nice and warm, so I guess winter is just having a last fling...least we hope its its last fling for this season! For those of you, who do have more snow...try and stay warm! Spring is just around the corner....I think! LOL

Thanks for your comments! Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That is a rather... ummm... STRANGE theme for a prom. What was going through that guy's brain?????

    The layout is wonderful, and she looks so pretty in her dress!

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Love the gray with the pink and the pretty quilling it makes a very pretty LO. Kali is so pretty in that pretty pink dress.

    We will get pictures for you tomorrow night and send them as soon as I can. Probably won't Sunday because I have a baby shower to go to. Karyn has a little boy due in June.


  3. Yes the theme was weird but i have to admit once i got there with my wonderful boyfriend, it was great and romantic. i had alot of fun


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