Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm in trouble! LOL

I happen to have my camera with me, when DH and I were sitting in the living room one afternoon, the dogs were on my lap, and I got to playing with my camera, snapping photos of them. DH likes to "talk" for the dogs a lot, and he is always having them say something, so I thought I'd do a layout with a doxie dialog on it for grins. It was kinda fun, I may have to do some more, the next time I manage to get a few photos of the dogs. LOL

This layout is my DH when we made our first batch of cheese. He is pulling it, I never knew mozzarella had to be pulled like taffy, but the recipe said it was suppose to be. We had a good time making it and hope to again soon!

Kit Credit Family History by Julie O of Stone Accents - The call outs I made and used one of her background papers for the back of it.

Oh, I think I'm in trouble!! I've had this kit for several weeks, it was actually one I got for my birthday I think, only I got it early, on the NSD sale. I had seen this ladies kits a month or so before that, and thought I'd like to try them. Well I finally got around to using it, and Ohhh I think I'm in trouble!!! LOL I want MORE of her kits, darn it, and I'm trying to save my penny's, to do a few other things, so I'll have to live with this ONE for a while. Rats, I should have put off using it longer!!!! Oh well, its not like I don't have other kits to use, but she has some neat her NEW one!! course with as long as it took me to use this one, I guess I shouldn't complain...course I didn't KNOW I'd like it so well LOL

The Barn layout is just an old barn that we pass on our way to Lincoln, I just adore barns, and with that big green field beside it, it was extra pretty. The next one here is a sunset on our farm. I just love the colors it had.

Kit Credit: Secret Garden by Gisela B Designs

One thing I loved about her kit, was that bottom cluster of flowers was like that in the kit, and then she had the flowers separate, so I could scatter (as well as I can) them around the page. I may not be real good at clusters like she is, but with using hers, and then adding a few flowers here and there, it doesn't look to bad. Yep indeedy, I'm in trouble!! LOL Better get off here, and get supper started, and get my mind OFF her kits.

Thanks so much for your comments here and through e-mails, I always apriciate them!! :)

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  1. Great layouts, as usual! ... Love the "talking" dogs one. *lol*

    I am having a bit of "scrapper's block", and am having a hard time coming up with original layouts. *sigh*


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