Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Its Toad Time

I've been sitting on these photos of the apple blossoms for a month now, (almost) trying to think of what to use with them. I thought the photo's were kinda busy, so didn't want lots of elements around them, but couldn't even think of what color of background to use...I kept looking at all my pink, blue or green backgrounds, and even considered black, which would have been better than the other three colors. Finally yesterday while I was playing with trying to figure out a color to use again, I threw these two papers behind the photos and fell in love. LOL Well ok, gave up, because I really actually liked how they looked, and I hadn't any of the others.

I really like this dark paper, because the photos are light, so they stand out more. But the paper I used on the other two with just the blossoms is really pretty too, I actually love that color the best, its just the darker paper looks kinda neat with these photo's. Who would have thought, through all my searching for the right color, that I would settle on a form of one of my favorites....purple. LOL I really hate it when I can't figure out what kit to scrap with. Matching colors has always been a tough thing for me, I think my Mom despaired of ever teaching me what colors went together, when I was growing up, not sure why I have a problem with that, but this time around, I really wouldn't have picked purple (or a purplish color), I was just coming to the end of wanting to keep looking so threw it on the page, and it seemed to work!! Well least I like it....maybe no one else will, but oh well. *giggle*

Anyway, once I FINALLY got the color, I couldn't get myself to add to much to the layout, because there are so many photos, and I guess I didn't want clutter. I really like clutter in layouts, don't get me wrong, I see some where people put lots of things on the page, and think, WHY can't I do that, so it looks so good? Sometimes I can manage more than others, but mostly I'm in the simple mode. Some more so than others.

These photos were all taken that day I went out and the apple tree was buzzing, from all the bees in it. I couldn't decide on what to get rid of on these photos, so used them all. *giggle*

Kit Credit: Make it like a memory by Idgie. The kit is much larger, I just didn't use all that much of there is lots more for next time!!! :)

Every spring once its turned green, I have to walk to the top of our hill, and enjoy the view. Its just not the same when its not green. So yet again, here are some more photo's of our home, and the neighbors home, and this time one of the new goat pasture, all taken from the top of the hill....with my zoom.

Kit Credit: Birds of a feather by raspberry road.

Gross alert!

Its toad time again. Yep, that time of year, our silly doxie looks forward to the most. Today while we were eating (Thankfully we were both pretty much done)I happened to look down, and see her laying on the floor with pools of saliva all around her. "GROSS!!" It was totally gross, as soon as I said that, she stood up, and we could see it all around her mouth and hanging down towards the floor, and then naturally she had to flap her ears, so it would go flying all around the room. Thankfully she isn't a big dog, but I'm telling you, with the amount of saliva she manufactures, after she comes in from tormenting those poor toads, she ought to be a REALLY large dog. I don't understand WHY she finds toads so fascinating! Rascal our other doxie doesn't, he will go hunting for them with her, if he happens to be there, but he doesn't stick around and bark at them, and paw at them, and pick them up in his mouth, like she does. He also doesn't have the huge saliva problem she does, after she has been out tormenting them. She can be outside for hours, huntin' toads, its almost funny....till you get to see all that nasty saliva all over the place, then, its not so funny anymore.

Well its getting late, so I guess that's enough rambling for now. Hopefully I can get some more layouts done tomorrow, I was going to do more of Kali, but got started on these, so that went by the wayside. LOL I guess I need to catch up with this years photos too, it might make me feel better, if I did anyway. I hope none of the storms around tonight, causes to much damage for any of you, they haven't quite gotten here yet, but DH has been watching the news, and telling me now and then, whats been going on. They don't sound fun, and I'm praying the bad stuff stays away from us...and all of our loved ones and friends.

Take care, and thanks so much for your comments! :)


  1. Gorgeous layouts...and the purple looks great with the photos!!

    ROFL @ your female doxie tormenting toads!! Mine likes to eat beetles, chase butterflies, annoy the neighbors & dig LOTS of holes. Don't ya just love doxies?? *giggles*

  2. Those apple blossom photos are just gorgeous!!! I think the purple paper behind them looks perfect. :D


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