Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I managed to do a little more scrappin today!

I'm amazed I could concentrate, with some things that's happened today, but I did, least enough to finish up these two layouts I started Sunday night! Course they aren't to die for layouts, but I've done worse. *giggle*

I just decided to do one page each for the years 1999 & 2000, since I didn't have a bunch of photos of Kali from then, and yet I wanted to use what I had, and not skip over them. So here is the layout for 1999. The large photo is a outfit I bought Kali, and the other three smaller photo's, is one time I was over to Mom and Dads, and got permission to go see Kali for a couple hours from her Mom. We spent some time playing in her room. I hadn't seen her much that year, so it was really nice to get to.

Here is a general layout for the year 2000, it was the year we lost my Grandpa, the one photo with Kali and Grandma, lower right, was taken at his funeral. The top photo's are of her and my DH playing outside, on a hot day. And then the large cut out one, is her sitting on my parents porch swing with a new dress I got her, on. I always had to get her photo with the new outfits on. LOL

Kit Credit for both of these layouts: Brouhaha by Microferk Designs

Well its hot today, and worse than that, really humid! It probably wouldn't feel quite so bad, if it wasn't so humid, but when I got up, early this morning it was already almost 70, (its been cooler than that in the mornings for the most part, lately) and I went outside, and thought to myself, "Its already way to HOT!" LOL I'm certainly thankful for our central air today, course I may not be quit so thankful when we get our electric bill this next month.

Our EZ milker broke this I'm back to being the milk maid, till they can get a replacement out to us. They said they had a little bit of trouble with some of their older ones, which went out to stores, to sell, so we just got lucky and got some of the older stock, I guess. At least they are replacing it for us, thankfully!! I guess they had the people who make them for them, redo their plastic formula, so it would be stronger...lets hope it works, because I would sure like it to last WAY longer than two months!! They aren't real cheep, and seem to be going up in price, fast, (they are $30.00 more now, than when we got them two months ago!) so I really don't want to actually have to buy another one to soon. I'm just extremely thankful that they are replacing it for us, cause it works good, and makes it so DH can do the milking without me, and makes it so my hands don't have to hurt like they did some days, when I was milking...well extra, cause once in a while, I still have trouble with them hurting.

I did notice when I was over by the barn, how FULL the apple tree is! Its just covered with little apples, the goats are going to LOVE it when they get ripe and start falling, cause they usually get the windfalls, and probably some of the others too, once I have used as many as I want, for freezing, apple butter...and who knows what else I can come up with. Hmmm speaking of apple butter, I need to try to remember to check at the Amish next time I go, for the food mill I want, and try to save some money for that will prob. happen...Mom....DH wanna try to remind me to do that now and then? LOL I need to really stock up on QT and a few pint jars too, bummer! Between apples, lime pickles (if the neighbor has a few extra cucumbers)and maybe a few deer if we get lucky this fall, I will need more of them.

I got rak'd today, surprised me when an e-mail came in from Trish H Designs, with a coupon that is enough to cover one of her kits. She thanked me for commenting on her blog, too, which must have been how she found me. I got one (or several) of her templates the other day, and left a little thank you. I guess that just goes to show how saying Thank you can pay!! Now I have to try to decide which kit to get! LOL Thanks so much Trish, that was really kind of you! Last year I was Rak'd by Microferk Designs, so its not the first time, but still surprises me. (BTW, for those of you who may read this and wonder what Rak'd means, it means Random Acts of Kindness.)

Well I suppose I better get off here, and get some more done around the house, been doing some in between messing on the computer, it goes better that way, unless I'm hot and heavy into a layout and can't get myself to stop, but I wasn't today. I just added things here and there, doing other things in between, with not being able to keep my mind on it, cause I kept thinking of other things. LOL

Have a great day, and thanks so much for your comments, both here and through e-mails!!


  1. Kali must be your brother's daughter?

    The layouts are great! I know she is going to just LOVE the album you are making... It is so full of LOVE!

    I finally got my layouts made with Blush's new kit... Am pretty happy with them! :D

    Sorry about your milker breaking... I don't think I could ever talk myself into milking something. *rofl* (City girl *wink*)

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Ok. Those pics are HIDIOUS!! lol. You could have picked some better ones. lol. I cant beleive my mom let me out of the house looking like that. lol. Things are starting to look upward again. if u know what im talking bout


  3. I think those pictures are cute. We all have pictures we don't like of ourselves, but our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles like them. After all, we go through different stages as we grow and get older.

    I like the LO's. Nice to see more of the years of Kali growing up. They each bring back memories of that little girl. It is hard to believe time has gone so fast and she will soon be 18.



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