Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Hero

First of all, I changed the background on these first two layouts, I think I like them better, especially this first one. I also changed the frame on the first one. I hadn't really liked the other two, but couldn't figure out how I wanted to change them so gave up. Then I woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't go back to sleep, so came in and played for a little bit on my computer...and it came to me, use black, something I don't do all that much of. LOL

I think the black on that first layout makes the photo stand out WAY more, and goes with the dark bottom part of the photo better. I think I'm going to have to try using black a little more often, least have it more in my mind as an option. Not all photos would work as well I don't think, but some wouldn't, and I don't think of trying it. Feel free to give me YOUR opinion on the change. :)

Kit Credit for these first two do overs: Dear Mom by JulieO of Stone Accents Frou Frou Frames by Lara Payton and Black Beauty by Dark Angel

This is our little niece once again, who came for a visit a week or two ago, with her mother. She is a little sweetie, and this is the 2nd best photo with that adorable grin she has! LOL I love this photo too, with her Mom smiling at her. I made the wordart on this myself...haven't been doing as much wordart lately, I really should get back to putting more of it on layouts, not sure why I don't all that much lately.

This is her, with her big sister. I also love to get photos of siblings together, so was glad to get this one. Trista (the baby) looks kinda tired here, but cute all the same. The little photo she is sitting on the floor in the living room, and Rascal had to go check her out.

Kit Credit for A Daughter is...and sisterly ties: Dreamland by Christina Bartholomew it was a freebie in one of Scrapbook Elements newsletters last year.
One day while both of us were inside, we heard a plane flying around, so DH grabbed his camera, and went out to have a look. I didn't go, because I was busy doing something...although I can't remember what it was now. LOL He managed to get a couple good photos of it. That's one thing I'm not so sure I would want to do, crop dusting, ya have to be way to close to the ground for my liking. LOL

When DH sent me the plane photos, he also sent this one of our doxie's, he asked how I liked the new dishwashers. Not that they are new, they have cleaned out a dish or two before, but...thankfully they don't get to lots. I told him I didn't like how "clean" they got the dishes, so I would still have to scrub them myself. Bummer, since I would gladly turn that task over to someone else! LOL

Kit Credit: The little plane is from Aviation kit by Blushbutter, the rest of the stuff is Verde by Alma Townsend. Verde was a freebie in one of the newsletters last year, from Scrapbook Elements.

I am such a lucky, lucky woman, to be married to my very own hero. I have had an unreasonable, strong dislike for bugs, especially bigger ones like June Bugs or anything that buzzes or bombards me in my home, since I was a kid. I'm talking the kind where I might go running from the room, if I happen to see a June Bug fly in the open door, as someone comes in. More than once, my wonderful hubby has saved my life by hunting down the pesky things and tossing them back outside. *giggle* Ok, maybe not saved my life, but my sanity at the very least...or maybe his life, because he could have this strange wild woman, hanging around his neck, if the thing kept flying around, and running into me. You may think this strange since I braved the apple tree to get photos of the bees, but I didn't just walk up and start taking them, I eased up, till I was sure they weren't interested in anything but the flowers. LOL So it was a little different...had they come buzzing around me, and running into me, I'd have been outta there!!

Anyway, last night, I went in to bed, DH was watching some concert on PBS, the light from the TV was the only light that was on, and as I walked over toward the bed, I heard a "bug" the buzz of one flying, and saw something out of the corner of my eye. Naturally I freaked....but you have to understand, I had just killed (all by myself!!!) a big flying bug, that came in when I opened the door to let the dogs out, and I hate going after them myself! LOL Anyway, so I freaked out a little, and so he got up, and looked for it (the one in the bedroom) but found nothing. So eventually I managed to crawl into bed, and was laying there hoping the strange music that was on TV would be over soon, so it could be shut off. I heard that buzz again, and jumped up, and told him again, that there was a bug in here...he looked, and said he thought I was dreaming. I even admit, I had wondered if it was my imagination after killing that other big bug, I was just freaked out, and imagined it. However I lay there for a little while longer, and yet again, heard it. Again my DH looked for it and didn't see it, so I left the room for a little bit, and came back, and thought I saw something on the blind in the window, so told him, and sure enough, there it wasn't near as big as the one I killed, but it was still a bug, that buzzed. LOL My Hero got up, caught it, and went and threw it outside. *sigh*

How lucky can a girl get to have a hubby willing to crawl out of bed, while watching some old dude (that the hubby likes his music) sing on TV, just to find a little bug and get rid of it? I mean, we DO live on a farm, there ARE going to be bugs here, I grew up with that fact, so you would think I would be used to it by now!! Oh well, he can tease me all he wants, I can't help it, I really don't like them. I do like it that he understands enough to get rid of them for me though....or maybe its just the fact that once he was done watching TV, he wanted to be able to go to sleep, and knew if I was jumping up every 5 min, he wouldn't be able to. *giggle* Whatever the reason, I love being married to a hero, a man who will slay dragons for me....or even the smaller tasks of catching little harmless bugs and tossing them outside, in the middle of a concert on TV. Granted I'm an idiot for disliking them so much, but hey, when it lets the hero come out, I guess I can stand being an idiot.

We had a little more rain last night...but we also heard that there was a Tornado in Omaha, REAL close to some cousins, so DH called his Aunt, to find out if she had heard from them, since he couldn't get them on the phone. I guess they are ok, and while it was to close for comfort, it didn't hit them, so that's a huge relief. Praise God for his protection.

I am now caught up with my 2008 photos, except for a few professional photos of our nieces that we were given when they came to visit. It feels good to be back on track a little better, so now I can work on Kali's book and my 2006 book...when I can be on the computer.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and not getting to many storms! Thanks so much for your comments! :)


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Yes, I think the black does well on that LO. Does make the picture stand out better. I think the other one you redid looks really good too.


  2. BuzzzzzzzBuzzzzzzzBuzzzzzzzz.......

  3. Oh, I SOOOO don't do bugs! They are right up there with mouse poop! *rofl*

    Joe always gets them for me too, but he flushes them... Except for the ladybugs that get in the house. Amanda likes the ladybugs and won't let Daddy flush them. *lol* So those get put back outside.

  4. Love all your LOs, you have been a busy girl. I think I like your pages with the black better too and the ones of your newest niece are fabulous. She is SO adorable. gorgeous work on your apple tree LOs and I loved seeing how green your yard is. Your LO of your great grandparents is terrific. I like the story line in the journaling and may have to adapt it a bit for my own heritage page.


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