Thursday, July 10, 2008


Time, where does it go? Here it is, Thursday, and I'm just now getting some layouts finished up. My niece left me a comment saying I was getting kinda slow on layouts, which I translated to mean, "Get your tush in gear, Aunt Deb!!!!!" *giggle*

So I used a kit, that had some clusters already made, and made a couple layouts, it could be considered cheating, but since I can't manage really good clusters like this, it lets me get these cool clustered layouts, the only way I can, and also lets me do a couple layouts, and still get some other things done, since I seem to be to busy doing other things to scrap layouts this week...or is it month or two? LOL I was doing so well there for a little while...need to get back to that, but I think it's going to have to wait a little longer. We will see if I manage any more tomorrow or week I doubt I'll be doing much, cause of my niece coming for a visit, and I still need to dust, and will have to mow...and who knows what all will come up, so if you don't see a post next week, you will know I once again ran out of time. LOL

These two layouts are of course, of my niece. The first one is her and her mom and grandparents going to an old family cemetery. Kali is really into genealogy, and loves to go visit this old cemetery. The 2nd layout is her, fishing with her grandpa. I don't know how I'm going to like the light and dark layouts side by side in the book, but I tried to do light behind the first one, and it didn't look near as good to me, and I had to have light behind the 2nd one, so the blended photo would show that's what I ended up with. LOL I'm sure it will be ok, just maybe not quite as good as I would like, for side by side pages.

Kit Credit: Purple Dream kit and layered edges by GiselaB. I SO LOVE her clusters!!!

Well I'm going to leave you all for now, I need to get off here and try to get rid of the headache I woke up with, as well as finish up the laundry I'm in the middle of, and clean the kitchen....hmmm any number of small pesky tasks. I do hope you all have been having a great week!! Thanks so much for the comments!! :)

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  1. Does using pre-made clusters mean you're cheating??? Cause if it does, I cheat a lot! *rofl*

    The layouts look fab!


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