Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Been awhile

I know, I know, its been a while, a long while for me...since I usually post several times a week. I guess I took a week off from scrappin. LOL I did finally make myself sit down and do a layout today, before I get some other things done this afternoon. We will see if I do anymore this week, because DH told me that the apples although still a little on the green side, are tasting pretty good, so I need to get some in the freezer, and canned, before they all fall off the tree, and get bad. There are a bunch under it now...and the goats and chickens have been enjoying the windfalls for awhile now.

This layout is to match one I did a while back, with all my niece's school photos on it, up to her senior photo's that is. This page will go beside the other one in her book. These are some of her Senior photo's, I just love most of the ones they took of her, and had trouble figuring out which ones to put on here...wish I could have copies of all of them, but I know that would be WAY to expensive. Least I can enjoy the slide show she gave me, from time to time.

Kit Credits: Craft Scrapbooking Kit, Baby Girl Heart Strings Kit and Snow flakes kit ALL by Blushbutter.

One reason I didn't do much the first part of last week, was because I went to visit my parents for several days. I hadn't been able to get over there at all this year, so finally just went, besides my Dad gave us another billy, since we were down to just the milk billy, which we didn't want breeding our boar goats. Well he planned on giving us one anyway, but we HAD to have him now. LOL DH wanted the billy this month, so we just took off and went over there. It was a good visit, I had a good time and got more pictures to put me behind in scrappin this years photos. LOL I guess that's going to be the story of my life, but that's ok, when I get around to it, I'll have fun scrappin them!

My beautiful niece come over for a few hours one day too, to see us, which was great. Even though I had just seen her a week or two before that, I never get tired of her wonderful hugs. She has been trying to talk to me on msn the last week or so, and keeps missing me...sorry Kali, I've been way to busy. LOL

We made some cheese over there, so they could try it, and I also was able to stop at the Amish and get a larger stainless steel stock pot (its a nice one too, with a clad bottom and full metal lid!!) so now we can make some hard cheese, once we get enough milk built up!! DH has been looking forward to trying some of that. I'm happy with our Mozzarella although am wondering how the other will turn out, so I guess we will have to try it. I'm going to have to get some more cheese making stuff soon though, as we are out of one of the things we use, and getting low on some others.

Mom got me the food strainer I've been wanting too (from the Amish), which will make it easier to process the apples for apple butter. Its also good for making tomato sauce, if we ever have enough tomatoes to worry with doing that. We love eating fresh tomato's and drying them if we have extra, so we would have to have them coming out our ears before I'd make sauce, I think. *giggle* However its nice to have this, for if and when we have bunches!! Mostly for now, I wanted it for our apples.

Once we got home, I was busy trying to catch up, and getting some other things done, so I didn't get back to scrappin. Sunday we went to a tractor show, which was kinda fun, although more for DH than I, but I enjoyed being with him, and seeing the different things, till I got enough of the sun, while I was watching the parade. After that, it was a little much. LOL I should have gone back to the truck for a little while, then went back to finish looking around, next time maybe I'll know better. Course next time I'll know better, and try to get a good seat in the shade, on the bleachers! They were full by the time I figured out I better try for one.

All in all I've had a good week off, even though I was busy doing other things once we came home last week, and didn't get to just play (not that I've had a chance to just play for a while now, would be nice to play with my new program...maybe one of these days). I hope all of you had a great week last week (and are this week), and got a bunch done. I'm off to rearrange the freezer, so its ready for apples...I did the pantry yesterday and got a whole shelf cleared off, well half a shelf, cause the shelves turn a corner and I got it cleared, up to the corner. Just have to corner DH to help me get some things into the attic now that was in the pantry. LOL

Have a good day!

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  1. Scrounger7:57 PM

    "Just have to corner DH to help me get some things into the attic now that was in the pantry....."

    Sorry - I'm out of town that week......


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