Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Kali page.

Here is another layout for Kali's book, of her playing softball. This is the first (and last, since she is a Sr this year) she played, and with the school so small, she said if she hadn't of agreed to play, the school wouldn't have had a team. Gotta love small towns, for the most part. :)

Kit Credit: I used a qp from one of Blushbutter's album's (this one here)the qp's were made using the Heartstrings baby boy kit by Blushbutter. I also used a glove and ball from sports fan add on by Suhrfer's scraps.

I was never to into sports, but Kali sure seems to be really involved with all of them in her school. I guess its something to do, just not anything I would ever have picked. :)

Well not a whole lot going on here, we got the hay in...actually DH did, I was waiting for him to come in and let me know he was ready to pick the bales up the other day, and he didn't...I didn't know he was out picking them up, because I still heard the tractor and baler...guess he went around picking them up as the neighbor baled. I guess I should have looked out the window some, but figured he would do like usual, and let me know, so didn't figure I had to watch. I can't say that I was looking forward to buckin bales, but would have liked to help at least. Oh well, least thats done till next year!!

The trees are turning, you can for sure tell Fall is here now, we don't get quite as much color here as I remember having at times in Missouri, but we do get lots of yellows around our farm, and sometimes you can find a little orange or red. We just don't have the right kinds of trees for all the beautiful colors I remember from Mo. I do love the fall season though, cool nights yet at times it can still be almost on the warm side, during the day...course we also have days where its cool. Its suppose to get colder this next week again, I think.

My parents have had a shop on Etsy for a while now, and in August they had a lady come for a couple of days and interview them so she could make a video and post it on Etsy. If you would like to see it, you can go here...just don't look to hard at the video, there is an old photo in it (with me), that I would really NOT have chosen to spread around the net...I've never been to fond of hats...or bonnets. Yes I know, saying that will make more people go watch it, but I just wanted to say....its really NOT something I wore alot! *giggle* I don't think that font that was used on the photo and video works to well with Dad's beautiful, elegant woodworking, (yes Dad, I'm STILL harping on that font) but I guess the lady likes the font, as Dad pointed out she used it on other video's too. LOL Ah well what do I know, its nice that they got to be interviewed and got the spotlight on their work, because every little bit helps. Feel free to go view the page and video, I'm sure they would love for you to stop and say Hi too, in the comment section of the page if you have a chance.

Have a great weekend!! Thanks for your comments. :)


  1. We have watched the video that Etsy took of Robin and Kathy, and it is really cool. Left them a comment for congrats.
    Ya'll are lucky to be getting Fall there, here it is Summer, Summer, cool down, warm up and repeat it.
    Tell kali Hi!
    Larry and Shirley

  2. Hey! That's one of the QPs I made for Blush! *lol* ... I almost didn't recognize it. You did a great job with it!


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