Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farm Livin'

This is another layout for the challenge at SAS. Its a 4 week challenge, so I'll have two more to go. This time far...people seem to like the layout. Its Simple...for the simple country life...and ummm well because simple is just what I do best! *giggle* This is my DH on his tractor earlier this summer.

Kit Credit: Memory Lane by JulieO of Stone Accents

Well after having a headache almost all day, this evening has been wonderful. The neighbor came over and helped DH cut hay, and when I went out to get the blankets I washed off the line this evening I couldn't help but enjoy the wonderful fresh hay smell that was hanging around out there. So after I finished up some things I went out and sat on the patio in our double lounge chair and enjoyed watching the stars, smelling the wonderful, cool crisp hay scented air, and listening to the crickets and cicadas. Its such a beautiful night, and I could see so many stars and was enjoying myself, when DH joined me, and made it even better. I just LOVE our double lounge chair, its so nice to sit side by side, and be able to roll over and lay my head on his chest. Hmmm yep, a wonderful evening, especially after a day with a headache lurking.

DH was in shorts and a t-shirt, and I had had to run back in and get a jacket when I first went out, so eventually I said something along the lines of not knowing how he could be outside without something on...meaning a jacket or something, and he said he had something on and started listing his clothing items...socks, shorts, t-shirt, and in the middle of his list I interrupted and said "More on." Only I ran the two words together so it sounded like Moron...but didn't realize I did that till DH shoved my shoulder and huffed...I'm like Huhhh...then it hit me, and I started laughing. I've always been a little on the slow side, especially when it comes to jokes. *giggle* I guess I'm the one that was a moron, but it WAS funny...even if you had to be there for it to be. I had a good laugh at that one, and he pretended to be hurt, and not believe me when I said I didn't mean THAT! Ahhhh I'm so GOOD at keeping him entertained with my slips of the tongue, and I do it quite often too! *giggle*

Hopefully tomorrow will be headache free, (its gone for now!) because I'm going to have to help pick up hay bales if all goes well, and it drys. I also have to try to get a layout of my niece done soon, but am looking for some softball stuff, I haven't ever had the need for any, so never got any if I came across some over the years, but she is playing softball this year, so I kinda need some...we will see if I manage to find something that will work. LOL I want to do that layout this week if possible, so hopefully I manage to find something soon. I'm sure I'll manage something, if I have time.

I hope you all are having a good week, and even managing to get some scrappin done if you're so inclined! Thanks so much for your comments. :)


  1. I love the layout, and the picture is so cool! ... In some ways I would love to live on a farm... But when it came to having to milk a cow (or goat), I think I would gag and head back to town. *lol*

  2. That photo of the tractor on the road just pops! Great work!

    I sure hope your headache goes away soon!


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