Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Heritage Layout

I finally got a layout for my heritage challenge finished...I can't believe I took so long, and I'm the one running the challenge. LOL Plus the fact that I love doing heritage layouts makes it worse. I should get organized and figure out how I'm going to do my books because if I'm going to do the 8X8 ones I should start doing that size layouts when I do get around to doing heritage layouts. I'm kinda leaning toward that size...we will see if I ever get enough done, so I can really start thinking of my heritage photos again.

These photos are of my Great-Grandparents. My Grandma on my Dad's side is the baby in the one photo and is of course in the last photo with her sisters. My Great-Grandparents were farmers in Iowa when my Grandma was growing up. They eventually moved to Independence Mo after my Grandma was married and living there. I never knew my Great-Grandpa as he died before I was born...when my Mom was just first dating my Dad. I did however know and love my Great-Grandma. She died the year after I graduated High School.

Kit Credit: Floral Heritage by Lara Payton.

I thought I would share how I changed this challenge layout. Not all that much change, but people seemed to like it better. :) The old one is here if you want to see the difference.

Well we got our big project finished this last week...pouring concrete in part of the barn. Actually I didn't have to help all that much which I was really thankful for, as concrete is such HARD work. My brother and DH had to cart most of it, in wheelbarrows as the truck couldn't get to where it was needed. We thought at first that what we did Friday may not have to be carted like that, but then it started raining...and rained almost ALL DAY on Friday so it was to muddy for the truck to go around behind the barn...which meant it had to be carted in wheelbarrows too. LOL They managed, even though neither of them should have, since they both have bad backs, but I guess you do what you have to, when you have to do it. Praise God, he helped them manage. Thanks so much for your help Mark, it is very appreciated. :)

Since I didn't have to help all the time I got some good visiting in with my Mom!! I always love talking to her, and even forgot what time it was the first day she was here, so supper was late, as I forgot to get it into the oven on time. *giggle* We survived. :)

This morning all the goats got put back over into the old pasture, along with Yani. that means that the milk goats and the new goats will have to get used to Yani now...I heard some snorting going on, from them...we will see how long it takes for them to get used to her. It didn't really take the other ones all that long, so I'm sure these will. I'm sure the goats will be happy to be back to the big barn, its home to them and is probably a better spot for them to winter over. The pasture is full of weeds (TALL weeds) so they should have plenty to eat for a while yet.

The surprise baby boy is sure growing. It won't be to much longer, before I won't be able to pick him up. I think he has gained several pounds just in the last few days...least it sure felt like it, when I picked him up this morning. I'm glad he is still friendly, even though he got banded before my Mom and brother left. This way we will be able to keep him for company for the billy, if we separate them from the nannies yet he won't be able to breed the nannies, if they are together. He is still adorable and a joy to watch.

We heard from a cousin this morning, that Galen's sister moved again...I hope you are happier there Katie.

I also ordered a free copy of my Family Tree software, the new one 2009. I had upgraded to 2007 this last year, because my Mom had to, when she got Vista, and I have to have the same version she does, if I want to be able to get all the info from her...I haven't done any family research forever, but what I have is in there, so I do try to keep it updated, least as far as my Mom does. Anyway, I'm not sure why they are giving us a free upgrade to 2009 if we had 2007...or if its everyone even, I know Mom said she gets one, but I guess it doesn't really matter, cause it means I won't have to pay for an upgrade for a while yet. :) I haven't used 2007 enough to know if there were bugs, I do know it changed a lot from the other version I had, but I looked at it enough to realize that I kinda liked it. That's another of those "one of these days" things...One of these days, I'll get back to that....maybe. LOL

Well that's about it for now I think, least I can't remember any more I wanted to say. LOL I hope you all had a good weekend, we did here. If all goes well, I'll get more than this one layout done this week, we will see. I think we may be doing hay this week to.

Thanks so much for your comments. :)

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