Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Goats

Stop and smell the flowers...that's what this photo says to me, I know, its suppose to be roses not flowers, but since those AREN'T roses, I couldn't actually say that. Course I know that's not what this goat was doing, but hey, it sounds good...and sure looks like it.

I thought I would share a few photos I took today when I went out to see how our newest ones were taking their new home. Yes I know, some of the photos really could use a little help, they are kinda light, but I may manage to do that, if I ever manage to scrap them. :)

This first goat is the one we for sure wanted, when we were looking around the sale barn last night, before the sale. We fell in love with her spotted ears and the fact that she has more brown on her...DH calls her a paint...so we were thankful that we were able to get her.

Yes, we went back to the goat auction. *giggle* Happy (early) Anniversary Galen!! We didn't get another billy, DH wanted more nanny's soooo that's what we got, course they are all young, so probably won't be having babies in the spring, but as long as we can keep them healthy and away from things that kill them, we will at least will have more babies...once these get old enough to have some. We would loved to have gotten several more, as there were quite a few there, and the price was good...for us, not the seller....but unfortunately we only had so much money.

The 2nd photo is that cute baby we got surprised with a few weeks ago, he is growing and oh so cute dancing around the pasture. He was REALLY happy today, because he got 6 new friends to play with, some of which was a little closer to his size, than any other ones we have. It was so funny watching him hop, skipping and jumping around with the others. He even came up to me and nibbled on my shoe laces, and let me pet him.

In fact, last night when we got home (at midnight...sure wish those sales would start sooner in the day!!! LOL) I held him for a little bit, cause I had to catch him as he tried to sneak out of the open gate. He didn't mind being held at all, and kinda settled in like he could go to sleep in my arms...course it was kinda chilly out, so he may have noticed he had found a warm spot to sleep. LOL Either way, it was nice to snuggle him a little bit, I just LOVE babies!! :) I'm hoping he will stay friendly, cause usually the little ones aren't that friendly so I can play with them.

The next photo is some of the new babies with our milk goats in the background, and the last photo is the milk goats following DH as we walked around the pasture...they love to be around him, even if he walks around so they can't eat to well. LOL I love seeing him with his animals. :)

Ok, now that I've put you all to sleep, with my farm animals, I'll get going and leave you alone. LOL Mom's coming tomorrow, so doubt I'll be back till next week, so have a great week and weekend!

Thanks for your comments. :) Oh and I know some of you probably are hating the colors I used with the sunset layout...that's ok, most of the people in the challenge are too, but I've tried several other colors, and nothing makes me like it any better, (I had to use that kit, but could change colors) so I'm kinda stuck on what I should do to it. At this point I'll probably just leave it, it doesn't matter to me if I get a "good grade" I'm just wanting to see what kind of pointers I can pick up! I did try other photos....but settled on this one, cause it was the only one that even half way worked. I can live with it, and I guess that's really all that matters. Just thought I'm mention that I'm not totally in the dark about the fact that the colors aren't maybe.... ideal, together. :) Thanks for commenting though! I appreciate it. :)


  1. Sure glad I'm going to be over to see you new goats. See you tonight.

  2. You mentioned herbal recipes for lice on my blog... Do you mind sharing that???

  3. Galen looks like the Pied Piper here.


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