Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Autumn is in the Air!!

Yep, today we went to do our monthly shopping in Lincoln, and it rained all day...up there, I don't think we got ANY here, and we could use some...it didn't really seem to cold while we were shopping. However we got home, and even though it hadn't rained here, a cold front had come through, and it was actually chilly, I had to get a jacket!!! It is only the 2nd of Sept, that's just odd. :) Its usually still hot here, not jacket weather, and its suppose to stay cooler for several days, we will see. I'm really looking forward to sleeping tonight, with that brisk Autumn air coming in our window. I can't believe how quickly the Autumn feel got here, I maybe got a hint of Autumn a couple days ago, but just a hint, kinda the smallest smell with a touch of the cooler air, and a hint of the sound of Autumn, but to all of a sudden to have it totally feel and act like it now seems so fast!

I have to say, I love that cold tinge in the air, I always have trouble deciding if I like spring or Autumn better, I always have to go with spring, because of the flowers and frogs, but Autumn, has wonderful memories, the promise that the heat is over for a while, our Anniversary, the invigorating cool crisp air, and the beautiful colors of nature! Course it also has its downside....its football season, which means DH is glued to Nebraska football on Saturdays....starting this last Sat, and I'm SOOOO NOT a sports fan. LOL But all in all I just LOVE Fall, and am looking forward to it!

I managed to whip out a couple more of those qp's from this last exchange on Blush ~n~ Dusty and put together a couple more pages for my niece's book. I'm trying to catch up, and this is the only way I can think to do it now! LOL With so many qp's this time around, its easier to find one that will work with my photos. Sometimes finding one with the right amount of spots for photo's is a challenge for me in itself, but I'm motivated now, and finding it much easier to pick out qp's than put the pages together myself, in a small amount of time. I'll go back to doing that soon....just give me a little more time to do a few more things. My Mom is coming out next week, so have some things to do, and maybe after that I can take a deep breath, and get a little more back to normal around here. LOL These QP's are by Ripal and Suzi Q.

Kit Credit: Unicorn & Fairy Kit by Blushbutter

The first layout shows my niece with my Grandma Heiser when we went for a visit. I love the hug photo, I remember Grandma's hugs, and miss them. The 2nd layout shows my niece with my Uncle Orison's cat. Kali always went around saying it was "Our Kitty" and Orison finally gave up trying to say it was his, and named it "Our Kitty". It was really kinda funny at the time. LOL

Well its time for me to get off here and try to get to bed, have a good week! Thanks so much for the comments! :)


  1. I've always like the pictures you used in these LO's. Love the the LO's too.

    We had a little rain yesterday afternoon late then it started cooling off and isn't suppose to be very hot today. No more then 70 they say. Like you say, kind of a fall feeling in the air.


  2. Beautiful layouts! I too am the same way about Spring or Fall....I think I like the change in seasons and the newness it creates. I've not smelled the coldness of fall here yet.

  3. What lovely layouts, and that kitten is ADORABLE!!! ... I'm a kitty girl for sure! *lol*

  4. Scrounger3:21 PM

    You forgot to CAPITALIZE "Football"!

    Don't let it happen again.....8^)


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