Friday, September 26, 2008

An odd day.

Who would have thought I would ever have a layout titled Flower Power. LOL I just couldn't think of anything else and wanted to get it done. This is one of our new goats, we love her coloring and her speckled ears.

Kit Credit: A New Beginning by Doxie Designs. It will be in the store in a few days!!

Today has been kinda off, it started with an e-mail this morning from a friend, saying her DH was in a bad accident, which kinda threw us and had us discussing them and our wish to go see them. The important thing is he is alive, even if this is a life changing event, as we were told the Dr's said, he is alive, and will eventually most likely walk again. From what I can gather his arm and wrist has 6 broken bones and his lower leg/ankle is shattered into several pieces, and he is really lucky to be alive. He was on a motorcycle and was hit going to work earlier this week. I know with the gas prices motorcycle's are much nicer to use, but with people not "seeing" them I don't think I would want to, least in a big city.

I guess he can't put any pressure at all on his leg for a couple weeks at least, and it will be several months before he is back to being able to do much. His wife said the Dr said he may not get back to 100% but they are just thankful God spared his life. We praise God for that fact too. We have been wanting to go see them for years, but its just so far (well over 1000 miles...round trip) so we kept putting it we are considering putting off one thing we were going to do so we can use that money and go see them, if things work out....we will see how things go for them and for us here. Long trips aren't easy for Galen, but this is one he is more than willing to do. If we did get to go I may be able to talk DH into a side trip or two, so it will be like a vacation...something we haven't really had for years, not that I need more photo's to scrap since I'm behind already this year, but hey, different photo's are always nice. *giggle* Anyway our thoughts and prayers are with them, and we hope his recovery is much faster than predicted.

The one good thing that did happen today is DH's Aunt and cousin stopped by for a little bit. Its always good to see them and it helped get our minds off of trying to figure out if we should go or not. LOL Our Doxie's had to show off and play while they were here, and Autumn got to play pick up...or whatever you want to call it when your child keeps dropping a toy and wants you to pick it up for them. She conned DH's cousin into picking up the toy she would drop over the side of the couch quite a few times, just like a kid would do, it was kinda funny. She has "played" it before, just not real often, and not for that long as I refuse to continually do it. Silly girl. LOL I swear they are just like kids.

Well I've got to get off here, its getting late. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks so much for your comments. :)

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  1. Hope you're friend recovers quickly. :( ... Terrible about the accident. But you're right, at least he's alive!


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