Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doxie Designs Wedding Dreams Kit

I decided to go ahead and get this first wedding kit into the store today since I got it finished. That way I can have something new this week, and at the end of next, when my other wedding kit comes out for

Wedding Dreams is full of beautiful papers and elements that you can use for your wedding photos, or any other photo you need an elegant lacy kit. I extracted some things that I had in my own wedding (many years ago lol) including some crochet flowers that my Mom made, for the most beautiful collar a dress could ever have. I made a couple small clusters for the kit, and then three cluster edges I'm putting into the store separately, with these crochet flowers.

I actually had a much more colorful bouquet for my wedding with several different kinds of flowers, but I just did white roses, as it would go with the kit better, and my Mom loves a white rose bouquet...I think she would have liked me to have one, but I wanted lots of color. LOL I did however have some mixed in with the other colorful flowers.

I do hope you enjoy this kit, I had lots of fun making it, it goes so well with my love of purple and lace. If you need other colors feel free to recolor anything...just don't claim it as your own please! :)

These Wedding Dreams Clusters will be a perfect addition to the kit, should you choose to buy them too. They make such soft and pretty layouts.

I hope you like my newest kit! Don't forget to come back and see my other wedding kit, the 1st of November, there are quite a few things in it, that will match this one too.

I think I may try to take a month or so to work on layouts now, depending on how things go, so I'm not sure when I'll manage another kit after the Digi Shop Hop Crop one, but hopefully I can fit one in between layouts soon. LOL I want to get my 2008 pictures caught up, and get back to Kali's book and my 2006 photos. I'm thinking about doing some really SIMPLE layouts for my yearly books, just to get them done...that way they will still look nice, better than just the photos in an album, but yet I won't have to spend tons of time on each one either. LOL We will see how it goes. I'm not sure if I'll share all of them here or not, guess it depends on whats going on and if I feel like it. LOL

I hope everyone has had a good weekend! Thanks so much for your comments, I so enjoy reading them!!


  1. Your kit is beautiful! I love how the crocheted roses turned out. it is wonderful how you can extract them from a picture.

    I do like white roses but your bright wedding bouquet was beautiful and really set off your dress. I'm glad you picked the bright flowers for your wedding.


  2. Your kit is beautiful, Deb. Love the satin looking papers and the beautiful lace. Your selection of elements are wonderful and just what anyone would need for a wedding layout. The clusters are pretty too.


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