Friday, October 24, 2008

Jail Bird

I didn't have a chance to do much today, I managed a couple quick ones, but had other things do to, and wasted some time googling card readers, as one of mine in my computer doesn't seem to be working...I finally decided on one, and got it ordered...but wow, the number of choices out there, how do you choose? LOL

I picked a purple/pink one...more pink than purple if you ask me, but they said it was purple. The purple (that IS purple) one I wanted was out of stock, and I didn't want to wait. Thankfully they aren't real expensive. Cheaper than if I had bought one like DH has, plus I like it better...just hope I ordered the right one. *giggle* Gotta have those card readers, as its so much faster getting photos off your cameras, least for me. LOL

Anyway, I played around with this photo I took at the sod busters show this summer, of DH in jail, I had to get a photo of him inside it, just for this layout, cause he was still teasing me about my truck being his. Notice how quickly after that he found me a car! *giggle* Within a week, I had my car...which of course the 2nd layout is about. :) I'll post some of the journaling from these two, below.

Kit Credit: Playing with Denim by Irene Alexeeva - a freebie on her blog.

Well I don't know if I'll do much scrappin this weekend, think I need a break, and not sure if I'll have time. So have a good weekend, I'll be back next week...if not before. :)


First layout:

See what happens when you continuously
try to tell everyone my truck is yours?
You find yourself in jail...behind bars,
with a record, and everyone
laughing at you!

Let this be a lesson to you...
don't mess with me, unless you
want to pay!

Of course then I precede to laugh, and explain the photos.

2nd page:

Isn't it funny how soon after the "jail scene" we got a car?
Guess you learned your lesson, and didn't want to chance getting
tossed in jail again, so you got me a car, so you could claim your
truck. *giggle* Its good to be back to a Taurus, even
though they redesigned it, so there isn't as much leg room, or
head room getting in and out. Its much better on gas! :)

Take Care!

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  1. Scrounger7:48 PM

    Just TRY and throw me in jail again! I have a good lawyer now.


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