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Friday, October 31, 2008

New Kit and Treasure Hunt!!

First of all I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a great Digital Scrapbooking Day!!! Try to get some scrappin' in, between all the shopping and treasure hunting. LOL

This new kit (True Love) is the one I did for the Digi Shop Hop, if you go visit all the different ladies stores you will find more kits that will match, and if you buy each one, (which are ONLY $2.00 each for the month of November!) you will end up with a HUGE mega kit!! Trust me when I say you REALLY need to go visit the other stores, because there are some really beautiful kits!! Don't forget to look for a few coupon's in the zip too (including one for my store)! You can go to the Digi Shop Hop site, to see all the store fronts that you click on to go to every ones site...or click on the banners in the left column in my store.

There are alot of elements and papers in this kit of mine, that will also go with my last wedding kit, (Wedding Dreams) so don't forget to look at it too!

If you make a layout with my True Love kit and post a layout in an online gallery, then e-mail me at deb at dapperdoxie.com with the link to it, I will send you these two qp's made by one of my ct members. (Thank you Tracey!! I think they are so beautiful!)

I hope you enjoy the Digi Shop Hop, I've had fun making my wedding kits, although with lace and lavender being a part of them, its really not surprising. LOL Now if I can just find time to catch up on the projects I have started scrappin, so I could get back to my wedding album, these kits will be perfect for it!! :)

Now about that treasure hunt...here is the clue to my treasure, if you haven't found it already, feel free to go look! I was going to wait till the hunt started on dst, so I could link to their thread, but its not going yet, so I figured I'd just post this, so you can get a head start, have fun! The link is a 4 shared link, so you don't have to log in to my shop, but let me know if you are having trouble with it, and I can always set the kit up in my store too (course then you would have to login to get it)...please try the 4 shared link more than once, if several people are trying to download it, you may have to try a little later. Leave me a comment here, if you just can't download it, and I'll see about putting it in the store. I will leave the "treasure" up till at least the middle of the month, so you have plenty of time to get it, although there is also a coupon in the zip, and it expires the 15th, so if you want to use it, you may want to get it before that date. :)

Have a great time this weekend, I know there are lots of activities around the Digital Scrapbooking world, to keep you busy, especially this treasure hunt that a lot of designers are participating in. :)

Edited: Please note...the treasure is in my store, NOT On my blog!

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  1. Following the treasure hunt, just wanted to say thanks so much!!!


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