Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm taking the free "Stories in hand" journaling class that Jessica Sprague is giving this month, and today we are suppose to pick a memory and write about it. I thought I would post it here as one of my memory lane posts I started a few weeks ago. I don't know that I did it quite like she wanted...but I don't guess we get "graded" so it probably doesn't matter. LOL I think she wanted a specific time, not just a general talk about something, hopefully I can do better next time.

"Books can take you anywhere you want to go. They can take you back in time, forward in time, let you be a princess, or an adventurer, explore the Mississippi on a raft, or the outback, or even the stars. They are a great escape, or a wonderful teacher, and is something you can enjoy your whole life.

My love of books started before I could even read. It started before I can even remember, with me sitting on my Daddy's lap, leaning against his chest, listing to his voice with his arms around me, all safe and happy and enthralled with the stories he was reading. The books I remember the most that he read to us were the Little House on the Prairie Books, and I still love them and reread them to this day.

I remember shivering with Laura, in the long cold winters, frolicking with her across the prairie, looking back to wave goodbye, as they moved on to their next home in their covered wagon, all from the safety of my Daddy's arms. I couldn't wait till the next evening would come, so I could climb onto his lap and hear more about Laura's many adventures.

Once I learned to read for myself, I missed that special time, but I made up for it by reading longer, and getting through the stories faster that way. I would reread old favorites, but we were always going to the library to get new books too, so I could go on new adventures and visit new places. There's still nothing better than curling up with a good book, on a cold winter day, snug and warm under a blanket and far away in the pages of the book."

I still love to read, but I don't do near as much of it, since I discovered Digital Scrapbooking. LOL I do have times when I do more than others, but there is to much to do on the computer to spend as much time as I used to, in the pages of a book. I'm sure most of you Digital Scrapbookers can relate. However books are still one of my favorite things, and will probably always be. :)

P.S. Thanks to you who came to last nights chat, I had a great time!! :)

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