Monday, November 24, 2008

Deer Season is over!

I just had to squeeze in a couple layouts today, since I wasn't able to do much last week, and won't be able to for the rest of this week. Hopefully next week I can get back to work on layouts, and if I'm really lucky, work on a kit...we will see how that goes. LOL

This first layout is our two newest goats, I don't know if you can see it, but that first photo Whinny has her tongue sticking out, I thought it was kinda funny, so had to make sure I included it in a layout. :)

The 2nd layout is Yani when we gave her a bone. She would snag it, and turn and run....or prance out into the pasture, to lay under what must have been her favorite tree, to chew on it, because she went to that same tree more than once, when we gave her a bone.

Kit Credit: Country Roads by Shadow Scraps

Boy am I glad deer season is over!! We got two more deer this weekend (for a total of 6 this week) and I praise God for all of that wonderful meat in our freezer...and for letting me manage to make it through all 6. Last night my hands were really wanting to quit, (they were REALLY hurting, but thankfully they aren't as bad as my Mom's yet, so my fingers didn't lock up on me). I think they (my hands)figured 6 deer was enough, so they would let me know about it. LOL But I just kept thinking about the fact that we would have meat all winter, and made it.

One of our nieces called several times yesterday, asking questions about the mincemeat recipe I had sent her that DH had typed out last year, when he made some. She is making it special for him, for Thanksgiving, and hadn't ever made it before. The last time she called, with questions I pulled the open mouth, insert foot thing again. I'm telling you, I shouldn't be allowed out in public....or even to talk on the phone!! After our trip to the health food store episode, (read it here if you haven't) I thought I'd be better for a while, but I guess not, twice in one month, is NOT good. *giggle* At least twice in one month, to others, (not DH), is a little unusual.

Our niece, was saying something about how the recipe was written...DH kinda left out a little info that would have been nice to have in it, so I spoke up and said, "Yeah he wrote it for him, since he knew how to make it, not for idiots" *gasp* *choke* *sputter* *almost die laughing* "ummm that came out wrong, I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!!, I meant he didn't make it for idiots so that then EVERYONE less in the know than him could understand how to do it....ummm well....hmmmmm...." No explaining that one away, even though I didn't mean it like that. *giggle* Really, it came out wrong....I just couldn't explain it after that, with being so flustered, and laughing so hard, thankfully she didn't take it wrong, and laughed with me.

See I do this, with family, those I know and love, not just strangers, so I have a problem....not sure what it is, but its annoying! And yes, I guess that makes ME the idiot! ROFL Course it keeps DH in stitches....ok, myself too, so I guess that's ok. Oh well, it gave us all a laugh, in the middle of cutting up deer, I just don't know why some things come out of my mouth, it was a horrible way to put it, but I guess stopping to think about how something is going to sound, isn't something I do...till after its to late. Oh dear, I'm not to sure I should be allowed to go to Thanksgiving dinner, who knows WHAT I"ll end up saying! *giggle*

Well I better get off here, need to do some other things. Tomorrow I have 4 pies to make so doubt I'll be able to scrap. Thanks for your comments. :)


  1. Scrounger7:51 PM

    That's ok - we've all learned to IGNORE you long ago......8^)

  2. OMG he did not post that comment ROFL Deb your layouts are awesome!! Haha another insert foot, I so love hearing about those, I can just picture you all red faced!! hehehe I know so wrong of me but oh soo funny!


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