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Monday, November 03, 2008

I did it again...

Why oh WHY do I have the problem of saying one thing, and having it seem like it means something totally different from what I meant for it to? I have that trouble quite often, you would think I would get to where I wouldn't, but no, it keeps happening. It amuses DH and amazes him at the same time, cause he doesn't know how I keep doing it either, or how I come up with some of the things I've said...as he says "even Hollywood writers couldn't write this stuff". *giggle*

Today we went to do our monthly shopping, in the big city of Lincoln Nebraska...not big by some standards, but to big for me. We don't always go to the health food store, but every two or three months there is something I need to get there, so we do. This time we were out of flax seed, so we HAD to go.

They usually have a maple sugar maple leaf, that I get for a treat, cause I just LOVE maple. Today I got the things I needed in the store, then walk up by the checkout to look for my Maple sugar fix, and didn't see any. I looked around a little bit, then one lonely little box caught my eye...it wasn't a maple leaf, but instead was a broken little "probably" puritan man, because of Thanksgiving coming up. It didn't look real good, so I said in a slightly irritated voice "all they have is a groady looking man" to DH who was standing a little bit away from me. I didn't bother looking around to see who else was around, didn't think about how it could sound even. Then as soon as I said it, I looked up and saw the checker standing waiting for a customer...and saw it was a young man. I wanted to die, I knew I was talking about the maple sugar, DH knew I was, but did that young man standing just a few feet away know that? Seriously, I wasn't meaning that all they had "for checkers" was a groady looking man, he wasn't bad looking, but all I could think of after I saw him was that he may not have known I was talking about that darn maple sugar. I'll never look at maple sugar the same way again.

I managed to act like nothing had happen, muttered something about not having a maple leaf, paid for my stuff and got out of there without dieing from embarrassment. I almost made it to the car, without breaking out into the embarrassed laughter that was coming, but I didn't quite make it. I leaned on DH and as I started to laugh, said "Did you hear what I said?" When he said what, I repeated it, and he said Ohh yeah I heard that, but..."*loud snicker from me* "I didn't think of it that way." *chuckle, chuckle from him* He opened the car door, and I almost fell in, laughing all the way, almost had a snort in there too, and we drove out of the parking lot, with tears pouring down my cheeks. That kept us in stitches the rest of the day, and I felt just horrible about the fact that I could have traumatized that young man for life, yet couldn't stop laughing about it. Seriously, he wasn't groady looking, he wasn't a bad looking kid, but does he believe that tonight? Or does he believe that middle aged woman in the store today, who unknowingly said something that sounded bad, if you didn't know the whole story?

I keep telling DH he should write a book, with all the things I've said in it, but so far he doesn't listen to me. He remembers things much better than I do, so I'm sure he could come up with plenty for a book. Its really no wonder, that I am kinda shy, when I can't seem to open my mouth, without something coming out of it, that wasn't intended. At least it keeps DH entertained, but I just hope I don't traumatize to many people that way. LOL

I did manage to make it through the rest of our shopping, without embarrassing myself, except for the occasional chuckle I couldn't stop, out of the blue. I'm sure there were a few people wondering what I was finding so funny, about walking around the store shopping, but at least as far as I know, none of them will have a bruised self esteem to nurse tonight, at least not because of me. To that young man in the health food store...please forgive me, I didn't mean you, when I said that unfortunate sentence!

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  1. Scrounger7:26 PM

    Yup. You probably scarred him for life! You sure acted like you felt horrible - all the while you were laughing hysterically.......


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